Happiness and Self Control


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God has given us the gift of being able to choose our state of consciousness. This choice is made daily by our thoughts, actions, and attitudes. The choice on whether to focus on things that close our hearts or on things that open our hearts is ours. What a sacred responsibility and opportunity.


Several months ago God gave me a dream that really helped me. I dreamed that I was asleep and in the dream I woke up and went downstairs to find the two main doors in our house were open a crack. I felt uneasy about this. Were they open all night? Was someone in the house? Were they left unlocked? I awoke with a slight uneasiness still lingering inside.

I knew this dream was significant, but I was unsure of what the Prophet was teaching me. I decided to take this into contemplation. This is a most amazing way to receive insight from the Divine. I started by singing HU, a love song to God, with the intent to understand the dream better. I realized while singing HU the doors were symbolic of areas in my life that were gateways to negativity. After singing HU I sat quietly and asked the Prophet to help me see areas that I was allowing this negative influence into my life and consciousness. The Prophet showed me that I had been allowing thoughts of unworthiness to linger within me. These were subtle thoughts of doubting that I was worthy of love. I was not drawing clear boundaries of what I would allow myself to think about. This was due to sloppy thinking and not staying nourished spiritually.

I began to sing a special prayer “The Prophet loves me. I am worthy of the Prophet’s love. I accept the Prophet’s love. I love you Prophet!” I felt my heart begin to fill even more with love. I felt relief from the doubt that I had allowed into my state of being. With this doubt removed, more of God’s Light and Love could then come into my heart! A discourse from Prophet then flowed into me. It is my privilege and responsibility to safeguard what I allow into my consciousness. My consciousness is like my home. I want it to be warm and inviting to God and His Prophet. I want love in my home and it to be a safe welcoming place for my loved ones.

Then Prophet showed me that the other open door in the house was anger. Just the night before I felt anger over something and then I noticed how that anger bled into another issue. I began getting upset about things that were fine! It happened so fast. Prophet gave me clarity to see how quickly I can go down an unproductive road when I get angry. Having the feeling was not the problem, but focusing on it and dwelling in that state was like leaving an open door for more negativity to enter. It is important for me to have self-control in this area and I appreciated this lesson from the Prophet. This is not the first time Prophet has made me aware of this particular passion of the mind.

Prophet explained that there could be other areas to be watchful of, but that the main point was to be aware of my thoughts and remember that it is a God given gift to be able to choose what to focus on. My life is full of God’s Love and that is what I want to focus on. Staying spiritually nourished by spending quality time with God’s Prophet is key. It is because of my relationship with Prophet that I am able to live a life of more freedom than I used to. I have the freedom to truly be happy. Thank you, Prophet!

Written by Carmen Snodgrass

A Sea Shell From God


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The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now for those who know God’s Love. It matters not if we are physically young or old; we are all Soul and it is the Love of God that gives us life. Those whose hearts are open to recognizing God’s Love will indeed be blessed.


A year ago I was at the park with my wife and three children. It was a beautiful day, not too warm or humid. A day that was in many ways just right. The sky was open and inviting, as thick, puffy clouds lazily passed over us. After some rigorous playing, everyone laid down in the grass for a well deserved break for some cloud watching.

The green grass tickled the backs of my legs. I felt the presence of Del Hall, the Prophet, as I lay there. I knew he was always with me in Spirit, and I was keenly aware of him with each of us in that moment. I received an inner nudge that the Prophet wanted to share something with my family. So in a relaxed way, I suggested everyone close their eyes and imagine themselves on the beach with the Prophet. Many times Del has brought me to God’s many mansions spoken about in the Bible. He was inviting us to journey there with him now.

I felt the Grace and wisdom and Love of God that flows through the Prophet as I exhaled deeply and more fully relaxed, aware of the quiet that came over the five of us as the breeze rustled gently through the trees. After a few moments I heard my five-year old daughter get up. I was mildly disappointed as I felt there was a blessing for each of us from the Prophet at that moment, but understood that it was her experience and that one of God’s presents to us left unopened can sometimes be opened at a later time.

I heard her little brother also get up and follow her, leaving my wife, oldest son, and I to bask in the sweetness of the moment with the Prophet. Yet hearing the two giggling with delight nearby, I opened an eye to check on them. What I saw changed my perspective and nearly brought me to tears.

Claire and her little brother had gone to the blacktop of the basketball court, stuck in the middle of a sea of grass, and were joyfully treating it like the shoreline on the beach. They playfully dipped their toes into the imaginary ocean water, running back and forth as if the waves chased them and then receded back and forth. They had not run off to do something else, they had brought the experience to life in a way that was tangible and visceral to them, playfully dancing on the shore with the Prophet!

I had an expectation that they would have this experience on the “inner,” perceiving it with their eyes closed. But Claire had instinctively done what Del had been teaching me to do for years. And she had innately done this in an amazing and childlike way, without over thinking it, without intellectualizing it. She had no concern about how it looked. She just was joy and openness. She was completely in the moment, experiencing it as fully as if she had physically met the Prophet on the beach and frolicked there.

The smile on my face grew and my heart burst open at her infectious joy and laughter. After a while Claire and her brother returned to where we were still lying. The peace was so palpable, it felt supernatural. About halfway back to where we were lying, Claire stopped to pick something up in the grass. She hurried back excitedly. In her little hands was a perfect white sea shell!

When I suggested to her that this was no ordinary shell, it was a gift from God, her face lit up! I assured her that God had noticed how she made her experience real to her, and the Divine had responded. While it is possible there was a physical explanation for how the ocean shell got to the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, over a hundred miles from the Atlantic Ocean, it didn’t matter. It was in the perfect spot for her to find. Claire heard me, not as a five year old girl, but as Soul – that wonderful, Divine spark of God’s creation. She understood this was not a random find. It was a personal gift from God.

Soul is not limited by the body it wears. Be it young or old, human or animal, Soul can awaken to the reality that there is a living God who wants His children to know His amazing love for them. That is one of God’s treasures. Claire recognized it in the shell. God’s Love often manifests as insights, wisdom, and experiences that are sprinkled like bread crumbs on the path ahead for us to find, like Claire’s sea shell. Whether you have walked the path of God for years or want to take the first step to having a conscious relationship here and now, the way has been prepared. God has marked the way home for His children; simple enough that a child of God, joyful and free, can follow it.

Written by Chris Comfort

Journey to Tibet


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If this beautifully written piece does not excite and inspire you with grand possibilities, then I do not know what will. There is so, so much more to everyday waking life. If you seek to understand life’s mysteries and embrace the truths of God, Prophet can show you the way.


Fresh snow danced across the huge stone steps leading up to the doorway of an ancient Tibetan monastery. The jagged peaks of the Himalayan Mountains towered around us silhouetted by the fading evening light. Slowly, the temple door opened.

My body was thousands of miles away sitting peacefully in Virginia. Our spiritual journey was being guided by Del Hall. After singing HU, a love song to God, my consciousness had shifted naturally away from my body much like in a dream, to the distant Tibetan evening. Del’s whole class waited excitedly on the stone steps. This is a very real place; our spiritual journey had brought us here in full consciousness.

An ancient monk clothed in white reverently greeted Del by the immense wooden doorway. They spoke for a moment and observed our group of newcomers. As the door opened it revealed a massive rotunda bursting with light. The light filled my being with hope, reverence, and love. This was no ordinary light. It was the Light of God. As the light shone upon our group I felt it purify, uplift, and nourish me spiritually. Clearly this was no ordinary temple. It was a true Temple of God, ordained and sustained by Him directly, unspoiled by the hand of man, and accessible to man only under the guidance of a true Prophet of God.

Del and the white-robed monk led us into the temple. Our small group paused just inside the door, absorbing the scene with awe. Workers in the temple moved purposefully about the rotunda busy in the responsibilities of this sacred sanctuary. The light seemed to come from everywhere at once, filling every corner and leaving no shadows. I watched the white-robed monk ascend a beautifully curved staircase, his hand upon an ornate golden banister.

He observed our group steadily. Slowly his gaze met mine and he spoke a single word: “Love.” The energy in his voice entered my heart like an arrow! The single word spoke more than many volumes of literature, more than any eloquent speech. It was more than a syllable, more than a word. A mountain of wisdom and meaning surged behind it. It reached deep within me, speaking to the innermost part of my being, Soul, the true self.

The power of his message still reverberating within me, a gentle hand touched my arm. A worker from the temple led me to a hidden staircase descending into the foundation of the temple. He motioned me forward and I walked carefully down the stairs. Before me hung a narrow rope bridge leading to a stone platform. In the middle of the platform a small fire burned. And on the other side of the fire was the white-robed monk himself, sitting hooded and cross-legged. Behind him stood two full bookshelves holding ancient texts from forgotten kingdoms.

I crossed the bridge eagerly, but with a slow and measured pace. I sat across the fire from him and his deep gray eyes met mine. Immeasurable love and peace emanated from him. Not a word was spoken but I found myself drawn into his eyes, like an invisible force pulling me into another world. I traveled into his eyes as Soul. Everything changed; eternity seemed to exist in a moment. The Temple Guardian’s endless eyes became my entire universe. Love was everywhere, but not love as I had known it before, it was a love that transcended emotion, time, religion, everything. I had truly experienced God’s Love. In the days following this experience I was able to share it with the class. Others had similar experiences, personalized for their own spiritual growth. Del guided me in understanding these sacred events. He told me that this teacher had used a single word, such as “Love,” to teach others before. Since the class the word he spoke has unfolded into hundreds of different nuances and applications.

Del explained that the basement seemed to represent the “cave of fire,” a spiritual rite of passage that all seekers must go through on their journey home to God. This is a period of great trial and tribulation. This proved to be an accurate interpretation, for the next several years were a period of intense honesty and self-discovery. This was not always easy! But it led to a state of greater peace, freedom, and stability. Somewhat, one might say, like crossing the narrow rope bridge in the temple onto the solid stone platform.

This took place during my first spiritual class at the Nature Awareness School. In the ten years that have followed, it became clear that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Written by David Hughes


Sound That Changed Me


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There is a very big difference between having a relationship with God based on love versus one based on fear. While there is a call for reverence, to live with a constant fear or worry of damnation closes our heart and is counterproductive. God desires to bless and guide us through His Prophet but these gifts cannot be delivered to a heart closed by fear. If you wish to nurture a more loving relationship with Our Father, the HU Love Song is one of the best ways to do so.


When I was growing up I lived in a rural town and I went to small church with my family. I was told that God loves us and that Jesus loves us also. I knew this in my heart but always knew there was more. Around twenty years ago, when I went to the Nature Awareness School, I learned a love song to God. Before that I only knew how to respect God or to fear Him as the Bible says. At the school I learned a beautiful song called HU. I was told by Del, my teacher at the school, that it is a love song to God and when you sing it you are focusing on sending love to God with all of your heart. Learning this changed my life. I have experienced, when singing HU, that my heart opens and I am filled with gratitude.

One weekend at the school I had an experience while singing HU. Del was leading the class and we began singing HU. As I started to sing my heart really opened to know that I was singing a love song to God, I could feel the love that I had for God, and it felt strong. By having this experience, I realized that it was a gift. I realized to give love back to God and tell Him that I love Him is one of the most loving things that I could do. I felt that my heart naturally wanted to do this. At that moment I was so grateful to be able to sing HU! While singing HU I experienced in some way that God was blessing others.

When singing I could feel and hear the sound of HU go up to God. This experience was a knowing, not something that I could mentally wrap my head around, but a feeling that was true in my heart. Spiritually I could see a golden ring go around the world and shower it with love, God’s Love. God’s Love went out to people going about their everyday life just touching them with a gift of light. As I saw that, it made me want to give more. The sound of HU surrounded me, also hearing the sound of everyone else in the class singing HU and knowing that they had the same intention, filled me with peace and love. That peace was palatable. I was so grateful for this experience and grateful to Del, a Prophet of God, for teaching me this love song.

This experience was a blessing, and as I reflect back in time, it reminds me that we are loved, God really loves us, and He hears us! God gave us a song to sing. By singing it everyday it opens my heart, it opens my heart to the love that I have for God, and the love that He has for us. It also reminds me that I have love to give to others. Thank you Del for teaching me the greatest song of all, HU.

Written by Golder O’Neill


God’s Love Communicated Through Nature


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God can use anything and everything to communicate with you. Those who have been taught to recognize these Divine whisperings are most fortunate indeed. They will see, feel, and truly know God’s most important message, “I Love you… you are not alone,” everywhere they go.


It was my first spirit week at the Nature Awareness School. We had been learning the fundamentals about Spirit and how it communicates to us from Del Hall, whom I now know as God’s Prophet; my beloved spiritual teacher. Prophet was lovingly pointing the way, toward ways, of perceiving the presence of Divine love in our everyday lives. Some of the students attending the spirit week retreat had grown up with the truth about the Holy Spirit that the Prophet was speaking of. The rest of the group, me included, were not familiar with the reality about a truly loving God that communicated to and through all of its creation. I will never forget how utterly floored I was that I had finally found what my heart had been aching for; a way to recognize the love of my creator. Amazingly it was being expressed literally everywhere at every moment, but I had yet the eyes to see.

That week I learned not to remain locked in the rigid spiritual concepts that were blocking my view of the truth. I learned that a spiritual experience may be seen, heard, and or felt; it is all real. We talked about our night dreams and awake dreams; about how the Divine uses them to communicate with us, as well as how the Holy Spirit can use nature in all forms to speak truth to us when we are at peace and paying attention. About the middle of the week we were invited to go out into nature to spend time alone with Spirit. It was an opportunity to get out and explore in a quietly profound way.

I had previously attended a tracking class during which time we were guided by Del through the forest along several paths leading to various points of interest. I was pleased to revisit a clearing that I remembered passing. Even more, it was such an adventure for me to be focused enough to follow the inner guidance I was receiving in order to reach my destination. As it was, my state of consciousness had been very scattered at that time in my life and I was very good at getting lost. So, I gave thanks to the Holy Spirit for guiding me on my journey to that clearing in the woods and sat down on a tree stump.

I sang HU that is a love song to God. When I stopped singing, I began to contemplate on what a surreal experience life had become. My ways of thinking and being were challenged and revealed as untrue, then discarded in order to make space for love as it was meant to be. I was glad to be there at that moment; felt very fortunate to be attending such an amazing retreat, so very happy to be alive! I opened my eyes and saw a blue bird of some kind in a tree. I looked around to realize that the trees surrounding the clearing were full of blue birds. Since I had recently learned about the spiritual significance of the color blue, all at once it occurred to me that what I was experiencing was communication of Divine love, to me in a way that would speak to my heart. I was struck with surprise as well as humbled by the beauty and simplicity of the message received as tears of thankfulness filled my eyes for that sacred communication.

It was and is a beautiful experience that I revisit as a reminder of how Divine Spirit is always speaking to its creation, and I am part of that creation. I thank God that he has sent His Prophet to lead us to the truth!

Written by Bernadette Spitale

Visit to Grandma’s House


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This is a wonderful and touching story about a spiritual visit to Grandma’s house. The author’s grandmother is ill and desires to move on and go to Heaven. This spiritual experience afforded the author an opportunity to visit and shower love on her grandmother.

cinnamon bun

When I think of her the first thing I see is her smile with a long bright row of straight beautiful teeth. She speaks her mind and lets the chips fall. She loves baseball, card games, and romance novels. She is a caretaker. At forty-six she had the last of five children. Give her a cigarette, a cinnamon bun, a cup of coffee, and she is in Heaven.

This wonderful woman is my grandma. At eighty-nine years old she has always weathered illness and bounced right back. Recently she was not feeling well and was talking about moving on from this life. She has been dreaming of fields of orchids. I have seen these fields too while visiting the Heavenly Worlds and I am certain that God is preparing her for the next adventure.

She lives in another state twelve hours away, but on March 15, 2015 the Prophet read my heart and I found myself standing in the center of her familiar kitchen while my body sat here in Virginia. I was attending a class at the Nature Awareness School and we had just finished singing HU. My heart was filled with love. I sat in the quiet time afterwards listening for communication from God. My awareness drifted to my grandmother and in an instant the Prophet took me to her. I had many experiences at once, like a movie playing out, but better because I was not just seeing. I was there in the present time and also re-living some of my most fond visits with my grandma.

The first thing I saw was her coffee pot and I could taste the salty coffee. We had a lot of laughs about this over the years. She had to soften her country water with salt. Then I saw the cookie jar that was almost always filled with homemade cookies. I felt my hand run along the orange counter tops. I could feel the wind blowing over the cornfields and through the screen door in the dining room. I smelled the light scent of manure from the farm down the road. I felt the quiet openness of the property and in the living room I saw my grandpa watching westerns in his recliner.

I felt my face pressed against the brown shag carpet as a teenager on a particularity long holiday visit. Then I was a child again staying up late playing cards with grandma as she smoked cigarettes and told stories. I saw her making homemade noodles and a piece of ravioli being tossed into boiling water. Then I saw her sitting at the kitchen table. The Prophet stood behind her smiling. I cupped her face in my hands and said, “I love you, Grandma.” Then I was clapping for her. “Bravo!” I kept repeating. My heart swelled as I congratulated my grandma on a life well lived.

It means everything to know that my grandma is in the care of the Prophet and that while her body is going through a rough time she is perfectly fine. I also got to love on her and appreciate all the beautiful ways she has touched my life. This was so much more than remembering. God allowed me to re-live these precious moments in time. Sometimes the “little things” that make up my daily life seem like they will happen forever, but nothing stays the same for long. These moments once passed become the “good times” of life.

Thank you God, for reading my heart and taking me to see my grandma once again. Thank you for giving me peace to know that she is in your loving care. When I call her she is confused and does not want to talk for long. It means so much that we were able to communicate Soul to Soul and I could tell her how I really feel before she passes.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass


Just a Hug


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God can work through anyone with an open heart to bring His Light and Love into the world. It can come through in countless ways – from the big to the seemingly smallest of things. Those that have been used by God to bless another know it is a joy and privilege to serve.


On a Tuesday morning after spending a three-day weekend attending a class at the Nature Awareness School, I decided to go to my office early to catch up on some work. I sat at my desk before I started getting into my work and wanted to sing HU, a love song to God. It was quiet in the building and no one was around. I gave thanks to God and I began to sing HU. Afterwards I asked the Prophet (my spiritual guide on the inner) if he could help me serve someone today and be a blessing to someone. I then began to do some work at my desk and within a couple of minutes someone knocked on my door. It was a colleague and he came in.

He stood there and we began to talk about things that were work related, but he seemed agitated and bothered. We continued to talk and then he snapped at me. I asked, “What’s going on, are you okay?” and he replied, “I’m fine” in an unmannerly tone. I could tell that something was bothering him, so I asked again, “Is everything all right?” All of a sudden his tone changed and he began to tell me what was happening in his life, and then he began to cry. I listened to him talk then got up from my desk and went to him and said, “It will be okay.” I got a nudge to give him a hug and when I did I could feel God’s Love surround us. He cried in my arms for a bit and I just held him. While he was in my arms I was asking for God’s help and guidance with this situation. I told my colleague that he is loved, that God loves him, and so do a lot of other people. I assured him that everything always works out, maybe not on our time, but in God’s time. I could feel him relax and release some of the tension that was inside of him. I could feel that he was relieved to hear what was being said; it was a blessing for me to hear it also. I felt in that moment that God’s Love was there and palpable. He settled down and we talked some more and then we went about our day. I was grateful for that moment.

It is amazing to see that earlier that morning I had asked to be a blessing to someone and immediately I was given the opportunity to serve. God does hear our prayers, and if we ask He will respond. Maybe not in the way we think it should happen, but in His own way and time. I believe we can let God work through us if we ask and listen for His response. I was grateful for the opportunity to help a colleague by listening to him and giving him a hug, just when he needed it.

Later that week he stopped by my office and thanked me for listening to him and apologized for taking up my time. I reassured him that it was okay, and that it was a blessing for me to be reminded that God loves us!

Written by Golder O’Neill

Broken Brake Line


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God is constantly showering His children with blessings of all shapes and sizes, one of them being protection from danger. Life is so much more joyful for those who recognize these blessings of God even while something “bad” is happening. Depending on your attitude and your relationship with God, the cup never has to be “half-empty.”

Jason Levinson

Recently I was introduced to a man who has a saw mill. He cuts, dries, and sells wood that I could use for wood working. He invited me over to show me what he has for sale. When I arrived there were a few other woodworkers already there and we spent several hours looking through hundreds of samples that he had milled and dried. I love working with wood, I found some really nice pieces for bowls and tables and got some great ideas from the other woodworkers. I had a wonderful time and was aware of Prophet’s blue light and presence throughout the day. Late in the afternoon, after I bought a half dozen pieces of wood, I loaded up the truck and headed for home.

I drove about a quarter mile to the main road. At the intersection I put my foot on the brakes to stop my truck and the brake pedal went to the floor! My brakes barely worked and I went through the stop sign, and finally came to a stop three quarters of the way out into the intersection. Although having your brakes fail is a little scary, I felt protected. Through the years Del, the Prophet of God, has shown me that when we have a relationship with the Divine everything that happens in our lives is a gift of love from God. With faith, trust, and patience, in time the Prophet will help us see how everything is a blessing. When, through Grace, we are given the eyes to see, we can then connect the dots and be consciously aware of and grateful for the gifts of God’s Love and teachings in our daily lives. Being grateful opens our hearts and helps us develop an even closer relationship with God. It’s a beautiful circle.

I have been blessed to learn how to witness the Hand of God in my life every day! Here are some of the many ways I saw how God blessed me through this particular experience: As I went through the stop sign and into the intersection, all of the vehicles nearby had plenty of time to see what was going on and avoid running into me. After my truck finally came to a stop, I backed slowly out of the intersection, pulled off the road and looked over the truck to see if I could determine what caused the problem? I did not see anything obvious and had a nudge to slowly drive back to the saw mill, testing my brakes regularly to make sure I could drive and stop safely. When the men at the mill looked over the truck, they spotted that the back brake line was cracked and was leaking brake fluid. One of the people I had met that day was still there and volunteered to give me a ride to an auto repair shop. The mechanic at the shop helped me get a tow truck which just so happened to be available and close by. After we got my truck, the tow truck driver got me back to the repair shop before it closed. The owner of the shop had the parts needed, was able to work on my brakes, and kindly stayed open a little longer in order to fix them, and he still only charged me a very reasonable price. My insurance company covered the tow truck cost. And most importantly, I felt the Prophet’s presence and knew that he was with me the entire time, helping, protecting, and guiding me through the events of the day.

I was also shown that another part of this blessing was the timing of when the truck’s brakes failed and were fixed. Brakes of course do not fail while you’re driving but only when you are stopping, so no matter when they fail it is a potentially dangerous situation. I had an hour and half drive home on a highway through the mountains. If the brakes failed once I was on the highway and when I had to slow or stop on a steep downhill incline at 60-70 miles an hour that could have been disastrous.

Later that week I was planning on going to our cabin. The public road leading to our property and the one that is on our property are rough, steep, gravel roads which traverse approximately eight hundred vertical feet. Many places have steep mountain drop-offs, there are no rails, boulders, or anything to stop a vehicle from going over the side. If my brakes had failed there or previously on the highway, I may not be here to write this thank you letter. Not only does my relationship with the Prophet make my life so much more full and abundant, on this particular day his love, guidance, protection, and presence literally saved my live. Thank you!

Written by Jason Levinson

The Lord Spoke, Saying “I Love You”


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To be successful on the path home to God you need to have remembrance of your experiences and blessings. Remembrance builds gratitude and appreciation in your heart, which makes you receptive to even more blessings. This can become an upward spiral drawing you closer to God, His Love, and His truth.


It was the middle of summer in 2010. The sky was a piercing blue above us as we sat nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A gentle breeze gave a slight reprieve from the hot and humid day which permeated the air.

This was a special day. As a student of the Prophet, I have been blessed to have many special and life-changing days, but this was to become a day that touched me deeply and has stayed with me giving reassurance and a security. In class a fellow student had been sharing a story of how remembering and keeping alive her prior spiritual experiences had blessed her life. She had written many of them in her personal journals and had recently been appreciating, reviewing, and reliving some of the special times she had with God and His Prophet. She was keeping her blessings alive with remembrance and appreciation. Her talk naturally evolved into a discussion between fellow students. We shared about some of our own personal experiences with God over the years that had really touched and changed us, thanks to God’s current Prophet Del Hall.

Gratitude was seeping out of every corner of our hearts as we recalled how much Prophet had not only taught us, but helped transform our lives. We weren’t expecting anything in return, just sharing our appreciation. It was almost as if we were speaking among ourselves about how he had blessed our lives, even though he sat quietly in the back of the room listening. Suddenly he arose and went to take his place in his chair on the low stage in the front of the classroom. I could feel waves of peace, love, and appreciation spreading outward where he walked like the fragrance of the sweetest rose permeating a room. I took in a deep breath. I felt anticipation for something, but for what I did not know.

Once seated, he spoke for God, as a true Prophet of God is ordained to do. “Come together with me. Come closer. Be with me. Just be together with me.”

Remaining in our chairs we closed our eyes and listened. We followed our teacher Home to be with God. The Lord was calling us to be together with Him while we sat alive in physical bodies. We did not need to wait to know the Lord, through His current Prophet we could experience Its Grace now. The following moments were full with the immense and immeasurable beauty of being present with the Presence of God. I lacked nothing nor did I want anything. This one moment was an eternity. All that mattered was loving God and being loved by God.

God speaks in many ways beyond words. On this quiet summer day He spoke in peace, fulfillment, quietude, gentleness, love, grace, absolute contentment, and more. With everything that I know of as me, and with all that I am, my heart poured out to the Lord, saying I love you too.

After what seemed like an eternity of just being and coming together inwardly with the Lord, Prophet arose and walked out of the classroom. Students slowly began to stir themselves and flow out of the classroom as well. That moment was over, but I was transformed. Being that close to the Presence of God brought such a security, and a clarity of God’s Love for Soul that follows me into my daily life. I am so blessed. By the Grace of God I experienced His Presence hold me in loving embrace.

Relishing the blessing later that day with a good friend, I remember saying the amount of Divine Love that I experienced in those moments was enough to sustain me through eternity and transform my view of life, to one of a lasting and true security in God’s Love for Soul, for me. My friend wisely said, if you remember It.

Written by Molly Comfort


“LOVE IS DEMONSTRATED – Making Marriage Sacred Again”


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Give yourself and your loved ones a gift of love by reading our BRAND NEW BOOK. It contains eight inspiring true stories of marriages being transformed for the better. This is truly an amazing book, full of wisdom that will bless any relationship, and it is a real joy to read! It will give you the tools and inspiration to improve any relationship, even if it is already good. You may preview an excerpt from the book below. Enjoy!



(Excerpt from “LOVE IS DEMONSTRATED – Making Marriage Sacred Again”)

My wife cussed at me.

My wife rarely ever said a bad word. It was simply not in her nature. It had taken me hours to wear her down emotionally for this to happen. Yet despite her obvious anger and hurt, I considered it a small victory in a verbal war that had been escalating for several hours. I could not say the same about my cussing, and I littered the verbal grenades I had been tossing at her with plenty of them. It added a little extra bang when they exploded. I could not at this moment remember exactly what had started the fight or what point I was even trying to make, but her cussing clearly meant a marked change in the momentum of the battle. I had somehow managed to get through her defenses. This was no small achievement. I had weathered icy walls of silence and a minefield of contempt to get here. At this point I was confident that in another forty-five minutes or so she was sure to concede, finally seeing the wisdom of whatever point I was trying to make. Peace would finally return between us, my beautiful wife would open her heart back up to me, and all would be well again…only that is not what happened after we fought. That was hardly ever what happened.

Still, I pursued my Pyrrhic victory with take-no-prisoners abandon as if I was being deprived of oxygen without it. In the process I ignored the ever-deepening hole I was going the extra mile to dig; the hole I felt like we would never get out of, and the only direction I ever seemed to be able to manage was deeper down into it.

My marriage produced three beautiful children in a wonderful home surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones, but issues between my wife and me always seemed to get in the way of any real stability. It was a relationship that for all practical purposes had been built on sand.

We had met at the Nature Awareness School in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia. We were both students there. It was (and remains) our favorite place on Earth. As students of Del Hall, the God-ordained Prophet of our times, we had each grown individually in our relationship with God and His chosen Prophet in the years we had been coming to the school.

When Molly and I began dating I knew immediately she was “the one.” I never doubted she was a gift from God. If I was a gift to her however, she did not seem to have gotten that memo. I was not even on her radar, initially. It bruised my ego that my gift from God did not respond like one right away. I felt I was ready to love her for the rest of this life.

I did not realize however, that there was a test. I naively thought I could just walk in, proclaim my love, and sail away together into the sunset. I would love to reminisce about how calm I stayed during these trying times. How my resolve to love her never waivered. How stoic I remained in the face of adversity, but this was not the case. What began as “set in stone” confidence soon looked like a fleeting chance at best. I felt if I did not keep pressing on I was going to lose the love of my life.

At some point I gave away my peace. This is never a good trade-off, and it was disastrous here. Fear, anger, and neediness soon filled the void my missing peace left. My vision and my decisions became more and more shortsighted. Molly no longer had to push me away. I was doing the pushing for her, all the while shouting how much I loved her.

Written by Chris Comfort


Skills to Cope With Depression


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We all face challenges in life, which are ultimately opportunities for growth. During these times we can actually forge a deeper relationship and appreciation for God. One key is to not lose sight of the Hand of God that is available. Those that ask God for help and also do their part will ultimately come out stronger, versus just “make it through.”

What is TRUE happiness? Find out HERE.   It’s not what you might think…


About two years ago my life changed. Everyone goes through changes, but this was one of those major turning points for me. I had recently moved with my husband and two young children to a town where we did not know anyone. The move required that I leave a job I really liked and enjoyed. Then we had our third child. To me this was a whole lot of change in a very short period of time.

I thought I had prepared for these changes. I am not complaining, I have a very good and happy life. I knew all these changes were blessings, but I was struggling. I was experiencing some level of baby blues or postpartum depression, and all the changes added to how I was feeling. This concerned me because I knew depression. I had been depressed at earlier times in my life and did not want to go there again.

Between my personal history and experience from my previous job I had some tools and skills to manage this issue. In the past I did my best to just “make it through” those tough times, but this time was different because I knew that the Hand of God was working in my life. I have been blessed to experience God’s Love in so many ways. Over the years I have built a loving and trusting relationship with God’s Prophet, the Hand of God. So when I recognized my situation I now knew how to more than just “make it through.” This time I knew I had help available. I asked for help and accepted that help. I listened and followed the Divine guidance given to me with love and compassion. I knew his comfort. I knew that even in the moments when I felt alone that I am never alone. The Prophet is with me every moment. He helped me have the strength to do my part; to wisely use the tools and skills I had been taught in the past, and to truly know I could do it with him. So this time my experience with depression really was different and I am forever grateful.

I kept praying for help and continued attending classes at the Nature Awareness School. That is where I originally learned about God’s Prophet and the importance of our relationship. Everything continued to build toward a good outcome. The inner guide, inner Prophet, and I spent time in scripture, reading spiritual books, putting love into everything that we did throughout the day, and being grateful. Together we sang HU with and to my baby even in those tired, weary, early weeks and so much more. I paid attention to my dreams and used those late night feedings awake with the baby as an opportunity to write them down and say, “Thank you.” The Prophet nudged me to speak up for myself and take care of myself. He encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and join activities and social groups where I met wonderful, welcoming people in the community.

God responded by guiding and helping me daily. Life was enjoyable and not a struggle. I had faith in Him and in turn He helped me have faith in myself to keep going forward. I came out better than ever and feel I have a stronger and deeper relationship with the Prophet than I even had before. My life was good, but now I was appreciating it more. My sacred relationship with the Prophet makes my life abundant and it is continually growing.

Instead of spiraling down and retreating into depression like I had in the past, I stepped out, survived, and then thrived with my focus on God’s Love. Things were not distorted as they had been before in that same space and frame of mind because the Prophet helped me to see clearly from a higher view, as Soul. That higher view helped me to appreciate the gifts of God that were everywhere around me. My heart was open and filled with love, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy loving and caring for my family again. I allowed love in, so I could give it out to others, and was shown a deeper understanding of giving and receiving love. I am very thankful for the blessing to walk with the Prophet daily and to give and receive God’s Love. It has changed my life.

Written by Michelle Hibshman


Gifts of Freedom


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“How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened.” Thomas Jefferson


One Saturday evening at a three day Spiritual Retreat, we sang a long HU gently tapering off as Del said, “Thank you.” The HU and discussion throughout the day had blessed all of us, but there was still more. We were invited to visit one of God’s Temples in the inner worlds. Del, the Prophet began guiding us, both inwardly and outwardly. I spiritually took the Prophet’s hands, turned as he did, and we were at the House of Liberation.

We walked up the steps onto the temple porch where I fell to my knees in reverence to be at a Temple of God. I have visited these temples many times and recognize more now, what a privilege it is to be there. Inside, the temple guardian greeted us and spoke about spiritual liberation. He said that it does not happen overnight, but over time and by degrees. Every HU, every moment listening to the Divine, can bring a degree of spiritual freedom. Over time, seemingly small things add up and may lead to a life changing realization. It seems that the single event changed everything and it did, but not without all the small moments that came before it. It is like years of freezing and thawing slowly expanding a crack until a rock suddenly breaks free and falls from the cliff. It seems to happen in a moment, but was years in the making.

Leaving the temple guardian, the Prophet led me to the heart of the temple where a book lay open on a pedestal. This book is the living Word of God, always fresh and perfect for the seeker in that moment. I read in golden script, “Live joyously,” and then, as the Prophet urged me, I turned the page and read, “for I am with you.” I have often hesitated to embrace life fearing all that could go wrong, all the mistakes I could make. These words reminded me that I am never alone; the Prophet is with me and loves me. Even if things appear to go wrong, all the love, support, and help I could ever need are right there. The Prophet’s presence frees me to live with joy.

I turned and hugged the Prophet. He became a beam of the Light and Sound of God and I was within It. The light shimmered and flowed around me and through me. I leaned my head back and drank the light, watching it clean out any impurity I no longer needed. This precision healing cleans out negative things like fear or worry that I no longer need but leaves any still needed to learn and grow. I asked for it to wash away any resistance to truth. I drank more and the light broke black crust off my heart and washed it off me. I stayed as long as I could, wanting to be as clean as possible.

The only way to freedom is through the truth. Sometimes it seems that facing the truth would be uncomfortable or something I do not want to know. Resisting truth causes pain and discomfort, not the truth itself. Hidden in the dark, it grows until it seems enormous, impossible to solve. Often, simply admitting the truth to the Prophet and myself evaporates the problem. Only by accepting truth do I begin to see a solution.

I returned to my body full of love and blessings to bring greater freedom into my life. The experience was beautiful, but unless I remember it and integrate what I learned into my life, nothing changes. Freedom comes when I do my part. I received precious gifts, but they can only bring freedom if I remember them in my everyday life. That is my privilege and responsibility and that, too, is a gift from God.

Written by Jean Enzbrenner

God’s Healing Love


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God’s Love gives us life – we are never without it. We were created from and continue to be nourished by His Light and Love. This love also has the power to heal us; spiritually, mentally, and physically. There is no ill that the Love of God cannot soothe.


One morning I awoke early feeling quite poorly with a headache accompanied by nausea. Since I worked the afternoon shift I decided that there was sufficient time to allow the sick feeling to go away on its own, instead of taking medication. Several hours passed without any relief. I decided to prepare for a short nap with a spiritual practice that brings me peace and comfort. I opened my heart and expressed love and appreciation to my creator by singing HU, then went to sleep. HU is a love song to God that was taught to me by the Prophet Del Hall III, my spiritual teacher.

While I was asleep I had a dream of being bathed in a beautiful and comforting golden light. Upon awakening the symptoms of my illness were completely gone. Gratitude for the healing Light of God’s Love overtook me while I realized how much I am loved and cared for.

The Prophet has taught me how to fortify my awareness of the connection that exists between my creator and me. He has helped me to recognize that the personal love connection that I have with the Divine is the most precious bond that I will ever have.

Written by Bernadette Spitale





Will You Know It When You Find It?


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Eternity abounds in that precious moment when time stands still and a vision from the past becomes the present reality. The gift of knowing you are in the right place and on the right track for your journey home to God is such a reassuring gift of peace and comfort.

Vision Rock


I look forward each night to having dreams. My dreams come to me in many forms. Some are vivid, clear, and full of easy to understand details, like watching a movie. Others are jumbled, vague, and don’t seem to make much sense. Some mornings I awake with a knowing, a word or phrase, a feeling that becomes clearer as time passes and further thoughts are given to me. Then there are the dreams that really standout. A dream of a quality more refined with deep emotions that I know are significant and come for a reason which may take some time before the meaning is known. I would like to share with you such a dream.

While growing up I had a recurring dream that came to me for several years. Each time I experienced this dream it was like being with a childhood friend that you know and love. A friend you trust, a friend that you have shared experiences with, a friend that knows your hopes and dreams and you know theirs. It is a simple dream of a place I hoped I would someday be taken to. The perspective of the dream is that I am standing at the base of a group of large boulders that form an out cove of rocks with spaces between the rocks like small caves. This area is far up on a ridge overlooking a forested valley with another ridge opposite. There is a pole tied between two posts or trees that I imagined would be used to tie a horse to. My thought had been that this place was out west somewhere in cowboy country. The sun is bright and warm. The area at my feet appears to have been cleared and used as a sheltered place to spend the night. I don’t see myself or anyone else but I know I am there and not alone. Each time I dreamed of this place it became more “real.” The feeling was of belonging and having a deep peace. Throughout my younger years it seemed this dream came to me at times when I needed reassurance and comfort. I would awake smiling knowing all was right with the world. As I grew into my teens, to adulthood, to retirement this dream faded in my memory, until….

During my years at the Nature Awareness School I have enjoyed the solo time we are given during classes to explore the property in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The School is a visually and spiritually beautiful part of the world that has been offered to the students to enjoy. When attending my early classes I heard about a place on the property that was a challenge to get to that has a carving of a face on a tree that was done many years ago. No one knew who had done this carving. During one of my early solos I was drawn to find this place. I climbed down through the rocks in the area I was told it was located and soon found it. When I turned around to leave I was standing in the exact place that I had seen in the dreams I had experienced over fifty years ago. Time stopped. I knew eternity in that moment. The sun was bright and warm, there was the pole to “tie up a horse,” the ground and view were as in the dream, and divine peace filled my being. I knew the presence of the Lord.

I now know that the Prophet has been with me, preparing and comforting me, throughout my life to bring me to that moment of realization, that place of the dream he gave me. This is where I belong, a trail head on my continuing spiritual journey home to the Heart of God. Thank you.

Written by Terry Kisner

My First Glimpse of Soul


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Our true identity as Soul is hidden behind our earthly packaging and its shortcomings. We are so much more than our physical body and mind; we are Soul, eternal spiritual beings created out of the Light and Love of God. Being able to accept and live this truth is a cornerstone to spiritual freedom. It is one of the first things Prophet teaches and helps his students experience for themselves.


The first time I visually saw my true and eternal self, Soul, I was surprised. In my ignorance I thought I knew what Soul would look like. I was at a special week long retreat at the Nature Awareness School. In a contemplation led by Del Hall III, I was taken by the Prophet of that time out of my body spiritually. The contemplation was an active experience where I was allowed to see and know real truths, God truths.

It was pleasantly dark all around me; at least that was what I was aware of. I knew Prophet was by my side. I was given a special mirror that would show me what I looked like spiritually as Soul. I thought I would see a soft white orb of light. I spiritually raised the mirror up to “eye level” and looked. I saw a flash of dazzling, brilliant light. It was so vibrant! It was so much brighter than the glint off a diamond in the sun. In that instant I experienced some of my God given qualities of life, motion, and beauty all at once.

Prophet thank you so much for that first glimpse of the real me, Soul. It was so far removed from the angry, confused person I thought I was. I thank you Prophet for the truth that I can operate and see with Soul’s view point, a much higher and peaceful view of life. I do not have to live everyday in human consciousness of anger, fear, guilt, and unworthiness. I can now recognize and learn to live with love from a higher spiritual view!

I work in a hospital emergency department. Driving home from a long shift last week I was reveling in the remembrance of a discourse Del, the current Prophet, gave about the truth of Soul. As I drove I was in a sea of God’s Light and Sound. This Divine light and love flowed all around and Its beauty inspired a subtle and deep joy within my heart. I was filled with love. At that moment I was experiencing that as Soul I was an individualized part of this Light and Sound, the very essence of God. I was in appreciation in that moment that I know you Prophet, the one who speaks truth and shares Gods Living Word with Soul. It is such a privilege to know you Prophet and know the reality of God.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass

River of Golden Love


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Singing HU has many benefits for those that sing it. Ultimately though, it is not about us – it is a love song to God. It is a chance for us to give thanks for our blessings and express our love to God with no strings attached. God is a giver, so it is not surprising to realize He sends this love right back, to us and to others, in countless ways.

Redwood National Park

We were gathered with Prophet on a beautiful winter morning to sing HU, a love song to God. Over the years I have come to appreciate HU more and more. It has many facets and layers to what it is and what singing with a grateful, open heart can do. Learning about HU is like learning about God, it is never ending and amazing. Singing HU is a pure way to send love to God. It helps tune one in to Divine Spirit and open one’s heart to receive blessings of love, peace, joy, clarity, strength, healing, spiritual truth, and more. HU can raise one up to a higher spiritual view to be more receptive to the Prophet’s inner communication and teachings. It can also be a way of praying for others. It is not asking for anything specific or trying to direct God in anyway. Simply sing HU and send love to God with a gentle intent in your heart for others to be blessed, then surrender this prayer and let God take care of the rest. Our Father knows His children. He and His agent, the Prophet, know what people need and the best way to deliver the blessings.

We began to send love to God by singing HU. I had a conscious intent in my heart for God to use the love sent in my HU song to bless other Souls in whatever way He knew best. I then surrendered the outcome. I maintained my focus on sending love to God. Then a scene came into my inner vision. I saw a river of gold and was drawn toward it. I stood alongside this beautiful flowing river for a while then began walking upstream. I could see HUs arriving at the source of the river. They appeared as containers of all types that were filled with love. Some looked like coins, others as blocks or shapes of different kinds. As the individual containers were poured into the river they were turned into liquid gold.

I then followed the river back downstream through a valley surrounded by mountains. In the distance where the sun met the horizon, I saw the river pouring over the edge and down into a swirling vortex. I had a knowing that this golden river was a river of God’s Love. It was being poured out from the Abode of God down to all the Heavens below. As God’s Love initially went out, it was very intense and concentrated. I watched this from above and then experienced it from below as it came down into the lower Heavens. As it came into the lower material realms, below the fifth Heaven, it was toned down. And when God’s Love came into the physical world it became even more subtle. It almost seemed that God’s Love was being disguised in many ways so not to scare or startle anyone. It came as comfort to some, a smile to another, companionship to someone who was lonely, a warm meal to one who was hungry, a kind look, acceptance, and family. The delivery was so unobtrusive, gentle, or familiar that it was often not seen for what it was, a very personal gift of love from the Father to His beloved children. How beautiful it was to witness where our HUs go and how amazing it was to be shown some of what God does with love sent to Him when we sing HU.

In reflecting on this experience I have gained a new perspective of the blessings in my own life. God’s Love is infinite. It is sometimes soft and warm as in this experience but it can also be more direct, intense, or seemingly disruptive. It may come as change in outer circumstances of life or through a life lesson that facilitates growth in some way. It may come by way of the Prophet showing truth about our self or a situation, or by providing an inner experience that brings a higher view of life. I am very grateful for the gift of love that gives me the eyes to see and brings deeper appreciation for the ways God expresses His Love.

Written by Lorraine Fortier


Healing of Anger


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There are certain inner ills, like vanity, lust, and anger, we can not rid ourselves of no matter how much we might try. It is important to do our part to tune in spiritually, such as singing HU, and ask for help from the Divine. By raising ourselves up spiritually we become more receptive to the healing.


My wife and I were separated and had been waiting for our divorce to be final when both of us were invited to attend a class at Nature Awareness School. It was a weeklong class and by the end of the second day unresolved issues between us were taking its toll. The third morning I got up early and took my coffee outside to watch the sunrise. I began to sing HU, a love song to God. The peacefulness of the sunrise began to fade as the darkness that had followed me here to the school began to rise. Anger like I have never known had its grip on me. I did not know what to do so I asked God for help in a very intense way. Almost immediately my body started to shake and twitch and I also started to cough incessantly, so hard that I had to bend over. As I was coughing I had a sense of something being expelled out of my mouth. A darkness came out of me that was like poison, not only for my body but my whole life as well.

After I calmed down I suddenly stood upright and felt as if the weight of the world had been taken off of my shoulders. I was so grateful for the amazing healing I had just received that I asked God, “What can I do for You?” To my surprise I received an immediate response in the form of a downloaded message. God just asked me to make amends with my wife. I was beside myself with what had just transpired but was so excited to share the experience; I thought I was going to burst before I had a chance to tell anyone about it. So when class started that third morning I asked Del, my spiritual teacher, if I could share my experience. After I shared what had happened that morning I proceeded to make amends with my wife. As I made amends the rest of the class began to sing HU very softly. What followed next was a feeling of peace so intense you could cut it with a knife.

Del confirmed that I did receive a healing that morning. Since this class till now, I have learned that anger is an inner ill and can only be healed by a true Prophet of God. Del Hall is such a Prophet and he helped me work through the anger I had brought to class that I was not even aware of. Singing HU that morning helped raise me up and bring me into a more receptive state so that I could hear the Divine message God was trying to get across to me.

I am grateful that Del introduced me to the HU song at an earlier class that I had taken at the Nature Awareness School. Since then, singing HU has brought more abundance into my life than I could have ever imagined possible. Four months later my wife and I had the most peaceful divorce ever.

Written by Sam Spitale


God’s Promise Fulfilled Lifetimes Later


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Earth is never without a true Prophet of God to help show us the way home. Once you connect with the Prophet you will never again walk alone. The name, face, and scope of their individual missions may change, but at his core, the Prophet is the same eternal presence. What a comfort to know that even with the passing of lifetimes we will not be forgotten.

Divine Blessings-8x10

I was sitting in the soft sand, smoothing it and playing with it with my small hands. I was about two or three years old in another lifetime long ago. The people of our group were busying about doing their chores some were chatting with each other. A few were watching the leader of our group talking with another man who had just arrived.

I began to watch this man intently as he was standing on a small hill talking to our leader. There was something very special about him as light seemed to emanate from him. He had a staff in his right hand, a long grayish white beard, and his white cloak was gently flowing in the breeze. The hood of his cloak covered the top of his head to keep off the hot sun. I watched in awe, for he exuded love and his eyes were bright with love. He caught my eyes looking at him in awe and recognition. Somehow I knew that he was God’s Prophet, though I did not have the words for it. I had seen those eyes before and I knew that he loved me. He walked towards me and he put his hand out to me as he came up to me. I put my small hand in his, and I knew that he was making a promise to me. As he walked on he put his hand gently on my head, and I could feel love flowing from him into me. I was transfixed and continued to watch him as he and our leader were sitting in the shade under a tent awning talking with each other. Somehow I knew that one day he would find me again.

It is now, in this lifetime, and you are in front of me holding out both of your hands to me. I put my hands in yours. The love in your eyes bore into mine, as I realize that they are the same eyes that I saw as a small child lifetimes ago. You have found me, though you have always been with me. You are God’s Prophet; I know it with all of my being. You are the one that Jesus asked God to send, when he asked God to send us a Comforter after he was gone.

But God’s Prophet is so much more than a Comforter. He has shown me the way to God and he has shown me that I am loved, and that I am a Divine child of God. The Prophet is my teacher, my protector, my healer, my redeemer, and so much more. He is with me always and will always be with me. Having an inner relationship with God’s Prophet makes life so abundant and a joy to live.

God’s Prophet is here for you too, dear reader. He is here for all of God’s children, for God loves each and every one of us, no matter what. Let him into your heart, listen to his loving guidance, and know that you are loved.

Written by Diane Kempf


A Living Teacher


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Singing HU tunes you in with Spirit. When sung properly it is a source of spiritual food for Soul by “raising you up” and “opening you up” to more directly experience the Kingdom of Heaven. The HU song is one of the greatest gifts God has given to Soul. Having a living teacher who can offer correction to help keep us on course is an even greater gift.


I earnestly tried on my own to know God in my life. I wanted to recognize His Presence and live a happy life. Into my early twenties I was an avid seeker. I tried different paths, meditation techniques, yoga, Sufi dancing – almost anything to quench the thirst I had inside for Spirit and for true peace. Yet all I found were dead-ends. An answer to a prayer led me to Del Hall and the Nature Awareness School. This is where I learned the importance of having a living teacher who fluently communicates with God and can teach me to recognize and understand my own communication with God.

It is a tremendous gift of love from God to have a living teacher and guide to show us the ways of the Divine. One reason that I have found this to be invaluable is for the correction we can receive from him. I experienced the importance of this first hand after having been a student of Del’s for over twelve years.

I was using the tools and teachings Del had given me when I went through a time of hardship. I received an inner nudge from the Prophet to focus more on gratitude before singing HU to open my heart in appreciation. I followed his guidance and did this at home. Soon after, I attended a weeklong class at the Nature Awareness School. Being a smaller, more intimate class, it was a chance to have more individual attention and focus more on the details of our journey.

HU is a beautiful love song to God, a vibration and prayer that can uplift us when we are afraid or need clarity. It is a cornerstone of the Prophet’s teachings and I love to sing it throughout my day. It acts as a tuning fork that brings one into alignment with the Holy Spirit, but that winter my pitch was off. Instead of singing a pure HU, I was warbling. The effect was that I was not getting the spiritual nourishment nor upliftment that singing HU can bless us with. Even the best instrument needs to be tuned regularly or it will be off.

In class Del pointed out that I needed to slow down and really sing love to God to be precise, not only in the tone, pitch, and volume with which I sang HU, but also in Its pronunciation. Without Del’s seemingly minor correction, I would have gone on using this beautiful tool at home, but would not have had any lasting benefit in my daily life. I would have remained spiritually undernourished. This adjustment brought a real transformation in my quality time with the Divine. And as a result, my life began to transform.

Del once used an analogy of a ship crossing the ocean. A small error in direction would not affect a short journey, but for a longer journey a little misdirection means you end up on the wrong continent. There is a profound blessing in receiving correction from a living Prophet, precisely for this reason as we journey home to God. As a living student, we need a living teacher. One true blessing of having a relationship with the Prophet of our times is that he can give correction and guidance on the inner and on the outer as a teacher.

As it says in Proverbs, the Lord corrects those He loves. As an agent for God the Prophet gives truth, love, and guidance as well as correction to his students. At times the correction is in the gentlest manner and at other times it is more direct. But when the truth is accepted by the student, myself included, and the changes implemented into our lives – we see the fruits of the Spirit. Life is better when following the guidance of the Divine. Correction and pruning is part of an abundant life and our growth as Soul. Having a living teacher is a gift that I treasure to this day. His loving correction has truly helped me on my journey home to the Heart of God.

Written by Molly Comfort


One More Swim With My Dog


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The friends, family, and pets we are blessed to share time with on our journey through life all have one thing in common. They help us open our hearts to love, which makes us more receptive to Divine love. In other words, the love we share with those in our daily life brings us closer to God. In the following story, “Man’s best friend” is up to the task.

Paco Outer Banks

Paco and I found each other while I was living in Miami, Florida, attending graduate school. I was just walking in my neighborhood one day and this spunky golden dog with soft brown eyes pops out of nowhere and comes right up to me as I’m standing in the street. I let him follow me home and as the saying goes, “The rest was history.” I was a daily runner and he became my running partner. Over the next fourteen years we would live in several different locations. Friends, relationships, and jobs would come and go, and he was there with me through all of it. One of our favorite things to do together was to swim in the ocean. He was a water dog through and through. Just the sight of a beach got him so excited, and I always loved the unbridled enthusiasm with which he would go bounding straight into the surf.

After a very full life that I can only imagine any dog would have been grateful to live, it was Paco’s time to move on. Although I was very sad to lose my dear friend, I was also very comforted by the fact that I know Paco is soul, and that as soul he would continue on after he left his physical body. This rock solid knowledge that I had acquired through many years of classes at the Nature Awareness School got me through this challenging transition, and actually allowed me to keep peace in my heart. I felt and witnessed the Hand of God with him as he made his transition, knowing in my heart that he was going somewhere beautiful.

Less than a year after Paco passed away I had a vivid dream that I will never forget, in which we were swimming in the ocean together. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were in the clear blue water, doing what we loved to do best. We were out pretty far and at some point I decided to head back to the shore as I was starting to get tired. I beckoned for Paco to follow, but he did not want to come back. There was a mutual love and understanding exchanged between us, and instead of following me back to shore, he turned and continued swimming out into the ocean. I knew that as soul, no longer with the constraints of a physical body, he was letting me know he was happy and content where he was. And while I was given the gift of getting to spend some quality time with him, it was now time for me to return to my physical body and go “back to shore.”

I had also wondered from time to time if Paco might be ready to reincarnate into a new physical body, as pets will sometimes come back to their same owners. I feel he may have also been letting me know he was not ready to come back. Whether or not I see him again in a physical body, I know that as soul he is alive and well. This dream confirmed that Paco did indeed go somewhere beautiful and is happy and doing great! I am so blessed to have been able to see my friend, swim with him again, and share real communication with him.

Knowing I am Soul, that others are Soul, that Heaven is real, and that our loved ones still exist after they pass away physically is a gift beyond measure. I am truly grateful to my teacher Del, the Prophet of our times, for this priceless knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Written by Laurence Elder