Opportunity of a Lifetime


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Many are content to squabble for scraps of God’s Love and teachings. Others are soaring free from the bounds of Earth to the very Abode of God Himself to receive the ultimate spiritual nourishment. There is no judgment here – it is what it is. In God’s perfect plan, and at the perfect time, everyone will eventually wake up and begin to yearn for more. They will begin craving to know more of God’s truths and ways and look for a guide to lead them Home. If your good fortune has brought you to the Prophet – step through the door before it closes.

In the fall of 2008 I moved to Virginia from Michigan. I moved to Virginia because I wanted to be closer to the Nature Awareness School. It is here that I experienced God’s Love and now realize that It has always been with me. I learned about my Divine nature as Soul. I learned about the sacred prayer, HU, and spiritual truths that have begun to slowly set me free of passions of the mind like anger and fear. Most important it was here I met Del, my spiritual guide, which has changed the course of my life.

I had recently been accepted to graduate school, but going there would mean I would not be as free to attend spiritual retreats at the Nature Awareness School. I had a dream, given to me by God, which helped me make the decision to move by showing me what was in my heart. In the dream I was asleep and was invited down to the school, but I took a detour and by the time I got there Del was gone. I was very upset that I had missed him. When I woke up I had a knowingness that gradually turned into a conviction that I needed to move closer. I did not want to miss out on the teachings or being with Del. There are windows of opportunity in life and this was mine. Del is the Prophet of our times, which means he can show the way home to the very Heart of God. It is a privilege to know him and be in his presence. I thank God that I was woken up spiritually allowing me to become a student and build a relationship with the Prophet.

In the summer of 2008 I was blessed to attend my first Reunion. This is an eight-day retreat in the mountains. It is a special week to focus on God and His Divine teachings of Light and Love. I was given an experience during the retreat that I will never forget. The line from Amazing Grace, “I once was lost, but now I am found,” means more to me now than ever. I was taken in full consciousness by the Prophet to the twelfth Heaven. This is sometimes called the Abode of God. I knelt in the sand on the edge of the ocean. I was told I could look up to see an aspect of God. Golden light, which was actually God loving me directly, blazed as I looked out across the dazzling water. Just then an eagle soared overhead. It swooped down and snagged a fish from the water. The majestic bird launched back in the air with the fish clutched in its talons. Then I became the eagle biting and tearing at the fish with excitement! Oh the joy to be able to fly! I felt the strength of the eagle and the freedom to be able to glide through the sky. At God’s Ocean there is the absolute best spiritual nourishment to be found and consumed. God’s Love nourished me like a fresh fish nourishing an eagle. I felt like a spiritual eagle soaring!

Before I met the Prophet I was in some ways like that fish, one of many Souls swimming in unison through life. Then the Prophet came and pulled me from my place and set my feet back upon the path of light and love. I was absorbed into the body of the Holy Spirit and made new by the Grace of God. Once I experienced Divine Love and myself as Soul there was no way I could go back to the old ways of life and be content. The fish is also a symbol of spiritual nourishment, which I found at the school. I was craving spiritual food and I still need it to thrive. It is as necessary as breathing.

As the eagle I was allowed to experience some of the attributes that God gives Soul: joy, strength, and freedom! We each have these and more God-given qualities, but swimming in our regular schools of life we are not often taught about the truth of Soul. I thank the Prophet for allowing me to become his spiritual student in this lifetime. I have learned what no earthly school could ever teach. I have been to Heaven! I have experienced God’s Love and His Light and Sound! I know that I am Soul and so are my loved ones and friends! I also know that God loves you just as dearly. Are you like an eagle, just waiting to stretch your wings?

Written by Carmen Snodgrass


My First Time With the Light of God


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It is a special moment when Soul first consciously experiences the Light of God. The Light can manifest itself in many different ways but the message contained within is consistent. “God loves you and you are not alone!” As students are blessed to repeatedly experience the Light of God in Its many forms they become more acclimated to being in Its presence. They can now accept even greater amounts of peace, joy, clarity, love, guidance, and truth.

My first experience with seeing the Light of God came during a spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School in October 2000. I had been taught the HU the year before. Occasionally during that earlier weekend, Del would invite us to take a blanket and go find a place to sit alone either in the woods or by the pond or on a rock. After settling in to our surroundings, we would close our eyes, focus on the area behind and slightly above eye level, and reverently sing HU, an ancient name for God. He explained that when sung with a grateful heart and as a love song to God, this vibration tunes us in to the realms beyond what our physical senses can detect. It begins to wake up our spiritual senses, and at the same time helps heighten even our physical senses to be able to perceive more of what is around us, a very valuable skill.

This time we stayed in the building and sang HU in a group for a few minutes, then sat quietly afterward with our eyes still closed to watch, listen, and receive. In that relaxed receptive state I saw with my eyes closed, lots of blue dots, then yellow, and streaks of white light. Then I saw waves of blue light fly up and out like doves ascending right through the ceiling. I felt a deep sense of gratitude and love, like I was being invited to “fly” with Spirit. I was shown more yellow, blue, and white lights, and then green light in abstract patterns. I am so grateful for this gift from God, it was like God was saying, “Hello, I love you” and took me for a tour of the Heavenly realms and back! I learned that the colors indicate which state of consciousness one is being lifted up to, for a glimpse of what it would be like to dwell there. I had heard people say many times “God loves you” and “Love lifts you up.” This time I experienced these truths personally!

Since then I have been given many, many inner experiences with the Light and Sound of God, each tailor made for what I needed at that time in my spiritual growth. These experiences have lifted my perspective and given me insights and clarity to make better decisions in life about everything from daily activities to major career changes. I now know the Light and Sound of God dwells within and all around us all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. We are never alone. Thank you God!

Written by Paul Sandman


Father Daughter Dance


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God knows the prayers in our heart and can answer them in many ways. Many people miss these profound blessings because they are not tuned in to receive them. If we are conscious daily of God’s Presence anything is possible.


Ever since I was very young girl I dreamed of my wedding day. I dreamed of finding someone to love and share my life with. Someone to enjoy being with each day, in the big and little things of life. I imagined my dad walking me down the aisle and dancing a father and daughter dance. Well I found the man of my dreams and we are getting married in a few days. However it seemed the father and daughter dance could never happen. Two years ago my papilino (what I called my dad) passed away. I have really missed him and am very sad he will miss my wedding. Having my dad at the wedding was a big part of my childhood dreams.

The other day my fiancée and I had a date to go to an art show. The artist is a dear friend of ours. My fiancée came down with a really bad cold and could not attend the event. I decided to stay home with him, but he insisted very much on me going. I am so glad I did go! I had a great time seeing friends and amazing artwork. Little did I know the surprise God had planned for me.

One of my friends got engaged earlier that day and as she was sharing I was given a Divine spiritual travel experience while standing there listening. It was like I had a dream while awake, but it was a real experience. My spiritual teacher, the Prophet, took me spiritually as Soul to the venue where my wedding was to take place. Music was playing and I found myself dancing the father and daughter dance with my spiritual teacher. What an amazing gift! As my heart filled with gratitude, I saw my dad, my dear papilino standing right next to us. He was there to dance with me! We danced! It was a beautiful moment that I’ll cherish forever. He looked wonderful, healthy, happy, and could dance!

God knows me so well! He knew I missed my dad so much and orchestrated this tailor made experience for me. God gave me a gift that keeps on giving. I can sing HU and ask to relive this experience. When I relive it, I am there again, dancing with my father. I have learned to be aware of God’s Presence. While my friend was sharing about her engagement I had been aware of the spiritual presence of the Prophet Del. I believe that awareness tuned me into Divine Spirit so I could receive this gift.

Being aware of God and His Prophet has changed my life drastically for the better. It is like I have a brand new pair of golden glasses on. These golden glasses help me see the Hand of God much more clearly in my life. I am so thankful to God and His Prophet for this gift experience with my dad.

Written by Olga A. Boucher


Golden Robe Saves a Life


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It is in Soul’s nature to care about the well-being of those we love. How can we pray for someone without trying to control their life or presume we know what is in their best spiritual interest? The following is a great example of helping without trying to control or presume to know what is best for another.

Some years ago a beloved relative, a young woman, was dating a young man. Over time it appeared their relationship was unhealthy, and while I did not know for certain, I suspected he was abusive in some way. I sensed that something was different about her after she got involved in this relationship. She was making some very unusual choices that were altering her life and was lying about them. She abruptly dropped out of college, detached herself from a loving family, and moved to a distant town with her boyfriend. Loved ones, especially her parents, were distraught over the situation.

I too was concerned for her safety and well-being but did not want to interfere with her life. After all she was an adult and was supposed to be capable of making her own choices. I generally do not get involved in the personal affairs of others because I do not want to encroach uninvited, but I love her dearly and wanted to help her in some way. I did not know what to do, so I asked God for help. I wished her the best and hoped she was truly happy with her decisions and lifestyle, but if she was unhappy and trapped in a bad situation, I prayed for God to protect her and let her know that she is loved.

One day I sang HU, a love song to God, and reflected on a recent experience during a guided contemplation at the Nature Awareness School. During the spiritual exercise I received a beautiful golden robe from the Heavens above. Del, the Prophet, helped me understand this gifted robe is a source of God’s loving comfort and protection to the one who wears it. During this time of reflection, I also thought of this young woman, and Prophet, my trusted spiritual teacher, took me spiritually to visit her. I saw her sitting on a couch watching television but she did not recognize our presence. I sat on the couch with her for some time and simply expressed love to her. Divine love filled the entire room. I had a nudge and desire in my heart to give her the golden robe for comfort and protection should she ever need it. Guided by Prophet, I gently placed the golden robe around her shoulders and gave her a hug. I wished that she could accept this special gift and turned over the outcome to the Divine. After all, God knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

Over the next several days and weeks she occasionally appeared in my dreams or contemplations where I gently expressed to her how much she is loved. Sometimes I saw her enveloped in a glowing blue bubble of light, which is another form of Divine protection. Several months later I received a phone call with news that the young woman feared for her safety in this abusive relationship and wanted to come home. This was a special day because Divine Spirit arranged a narrow window of opportunity setting the circumstances for her safe return home to her family. The timing that day was perfect in several ways. Her mother is typically not home during the day, but she was home that day to receive the call. It happened to be the first time in months that she talked to her parents. A snowstorm was forecast for that day but was late arriving, which allowed for safe travel conditions. When her parents arrived to pick her up, the boyfriend was conveniently away from the house, which averted a possible confrontation.

God’s Love and protection saved this young woman’s life, and I am blessed to witness it and be a part of it. God loves each of his children and has a desire for us to share this love with each other. Divine love and grace conditioned her with the courage, strength, and opportunity to come home that day. The timing of events, the brief window of opportunity, and all the seemingly random “coincidences” were truly miracles, the Hand of God, working in her life. Over time Divine love continued to heal the emotional scars of her experience and nurture a lasting love connection with her family. This is a testimony to the power of God’s Love.

Written by Chris Hibshman


A Blanket of God’s Peace at Walmart


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Each and every one of us has the opportunity to be a point of light for those we come in contact with. Our acts of love and kindness also spread far beyond our immediate vision. If we keep our hearts open to God as we go through the day it does make a difference. Both for others and ourselves!


Just before Christmas last year I went to the local Wal-Mart to pick up a few things on my way home. Since I only had a couple of items, I got into the express lane for checkout. The store was crowded with shoppers, and our lane moved along slowly until it got to the elderly woman in front of me who was accompanied by her son. The line came to a complete halt as she fumbled in her purse looking for something. Then the murmuring began in those lined up behind me. Even the man who served as the Salvation Army bell-ringer, whom I recognized, began complaining impatiently.

At that moment I felt a nudge to sing HU, a love song to God, which I had learned years ago at the Nature Awareness School. I sang it out loud in a very soft voice just below the din in the store. As I sang I happened to look up into the store’s high ceiling and felt unmistakably a blanket of God’s Peace descend on all of us standing there in line. The murmuring and complaining subsided, and when the son turned to me to apologize for the wait, I was able to respond with a reassuring smile and wish them both Merry Christmas.

It was only months later when I shared in a class at Nature Awareness School that I realized what had transpired that day. Del, my teacher, reminded me of a prayer I had written months before, a prayer asking for help to get over my self-centeredness. In the past I had served more often for the recognition or a pat on the back; but this was an opportunity to serve as a silent Co-worker for God. Del pointed out the potential ripple effects of singing HU that day in the checkout line and reminded me, “No act that is motivated by love is small or insignificant.” Thanks in large part to his teaching and the Grace of God, I responded to that nudge by singing HU from my heart into the chaos of the store.

The joy and fulfillment that filled my heart that day and since then by sharing my story with others trumps any recognition I ever received previously from my old idea of service. And this was no random act of kindness either. It is becoming a way of life for me and a source of eternal gratitude to the Divine. I truly find more joy in service now that it is not about me.

Written by James Kinder


God’s Guidance Leads to Perfect House


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The prayers in our heart are heard and answered. Sometimes it just takes listening to the guidance that is given to make them a reality. If you learn to listen to these gentle whisperings anything is possible.


A few years ago, my husband and I sold our house. We had looked in the newspapers, online, and driven around, but we were having a hard time finding something that fit our needs. One evening after work, I had the nudge from Spirit to go for a drive before cooking dinner to see what I could find. I loaded the kids in the car and instructed them to look for yard signs. I followed inner guidance from the Prophet, driving through different neighborhoods. I approached one that seemed familiar and realized we had taken a walk through it several years ago. I remembered saying at the time that it would be a nice place to live. As I looked up the hill, I spotted a “For Rent” sign. Driving around back I saw the yard and immediately knew this was the place.

Our prayer when we first talked about moving was to find a place with a flat yard, a sunny garden spot, a safe neighborhood for the kids to bike in and nice windows for natural light. The house fit all of these, and when we got a tour a few days later, it also had great storage and closet space – another wish answered. It was also priced just below our budget.

Finding this wonderful house was a love gift from the Divine. I simply followed the inner nudge from the Prophet when to go look and which way to drive. As a child of God we each are born with the potential of this inner communication. Taking classes at the Nature Awareness School helped me to really listen to and trust this inner communication with the Divine. God knew what was in our hearts.

The night before we moved my husband asked if there was anything I was going to miss about our old house. I said the only thing was the view of the sunset. We lived on a hill and one of my favorite things to do after a long day was to sit on my chair in the evening and watch the sky change.

When we moved in, to our surprise a huge storm had knocked down some pine trees behind our new house opening the view of the sunset. The week after we moved in, another westward neighbor had a huge oak tree removed. Then after living in the house for one year, the other westward neighbor had two huge maple trees taken down opening our westward view completely. Now some may say this was a coincidence. I know that it was an expression of God’s Love for me and my family. God knows our hearts, and if we listen to His guidance, He will always lead us to the perfect situation and bless us in the process. All because He loves us.

Written by Molly Comfort


I Am Free to Be Me


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One of the greatest attributes Soul has been created with is the ability to communicate with God. Having this constant lifeline of love and guidance as you go through your day can make life a joy to live. All Souls have the potential for this communication but it must be nurtured. Similar to when learning a new language, it takes time and is much easier when you have a teacher who is fluent.

Lately I have been looking back in my life and realizing the hand of the Divine and Its loving presence has been with me all along. The presence of an inner guide or inner teacher has been right there with me guiding and protecting me all through my life. As I grew in strength spiritually, I began to recognize and notice the Divine presence of the Holy Spirit in every incident and aspect of my life! God has a plan custom designed just for ME!

I first learned about the constant presence of the Prophet from my classes at the Nature Awareness School. I learned the Voice of God, Holy Spirit, was working through him! It was astounding to know God knows my every thought and prayer! At first I was very weak at this recognition. It was like making a commitment to exercise, to get in physical shape! I worked with the skills I learned at the school, very weak at first. As the weakness faded the inner part of the Prophet’s presence grew stronger. As His presence grew stronger I began to have one-sided conversations with the Divine, my side at first! Over time I talked to God and began to LISTEN. Now as I listened to the inner guidance I could hear suggestions coming through, solutions, and long sought answers. Sometimes when I first awaken I will receive an insight to a question I asked the night before.

I learned and became skilled at how my night and awake dreams were customized to help me understand an answer to a prayer. They were alerting me to a solution I was seeking. Sometimes a seemingly random conversation was of importance, even a license plate word would be of significance, a clue to what I had asked. I grew to understand even the timing of an answer was of great value. I was now ready to hear what was in my best interest, always knowing I still had free will to choose.

The confidence I have now, the knowingness, the really knowing with all my heart God hears me is a gateway to a life filled with love and freedom to be just me! It is a comfort beyond all measure. I will ask you this; what if God knows you so well that he knows your every thought and prayer? What if He hears and knows your every word and deed? How would you live your life? Would you live it differently? Would you be grateful to know how very much you are loved and guided?

I know God loves me just the way I am or I would not exist. And to recognize He hears and knows me so personally, better than I know myself, and really cares how my life progresses is a very extraordinary gift. The blessings in my life are endless since I woke up and recognized the loving presence of the Prophet in my life and the personal closeness we have developed together.

I love my life!

Written by Nancy Nelson


Weekly YouTube Video


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If you enjoy reading the incredible stories of recognizing God’s Love in your life on “Weekly Inspiration” we invite you to also join us on YouTube. We will be posting a new video every week.

As amazing as reading the testimonies is, there is something truly special about hearing from the authors themselves.

Here are our first three videos.






You Are Worthy of God’s Love


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There are so many people who do not feel worthy of God’s Love. Sad as that is, it is understandable when you recognize how much guilt is “in the air down here.” It rests like a heavy fog over everything obscuring the truth. The truth that even though we all fall short on occasion and have moments we wish we had done better, we are still loved by God. What a blessing it is when the Prophet gently blows away the fog.

We were being guided through a spiritual exercise during a class at the Nature Awareness School. During the exercise I had experienced God’s Love. When I began to share my experience, I had trouble saying, “I am loved, God loves me.” I truly did not feel worthy of God’s Love. How could God love me when I did not pray to Him regularly, when I did something wrong, when I held anger for a family member or co-worker, or when I had a bad day and was grouchy to the people around me?

I have learned that even when I am not having a “good” day that I am loved! I am Soul, a child of God, and nothing changes that fact. My human shortcomings do not change the fact that God loves me just the way I am, faults and all. “I am loved, God does love me.” Just as He loves every one of us. Sometimes life has a way of pulling the chair out from under us and we each react differently. Some lessons are learned easier than others. God would not have created me if I did not have a purpose and He did not love me. During my debrief the more Del suggested that I repeat out loud “GOD LOVES ME, I AM LOVED,” the deeper it sank into my heart. I not only said those words, I believed them with every fiber of my being. I know God loves me.

Written by Rebecca Vettorel

Timely Visit to the Dentist


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As Soul, we each have the capacity to receive truth and wisdom from the Divine. It is a matter of learning how to “listen” with your heart regardless of what the mind is saying. The following is a great example of this.


In what may have appeared to be a casual conversation with Del, the Prophet, during break at a spiritual retreat some years ago, the topic of dental procedures came up. Although the conversation was general in nature, inwardly it were as if Divine Spirit was speaking directly to me, urging me to see my dentist once I returned home.

I had just been to the dentist several weeks prior to have a number of old fillings replaced, which left my dentist wondering why I was back so soon. I mentioned hearing of a certain procedure and felt it was something I should look into sooner rather than later. While the procedure I mentioned did not appear to be necessary in my case, he decided to take some x-rays for a closer look.

To my surprise, the x-rays revealed an abscess beneath an old crown — a problem that would likely have gone undetected until the infection spread. The tooth beneath the crown had cracked, and with the nerves in the tooth having been removed, there was no pain to alert me. The dentist said it was a good thing I came in when I did, as such infections are capable of spreading to the heart and other organs, with potentially severe consequences. Early treatment made all the difference.

Having been to the dentist so recently prior, I could have easily justified blowing off the nudge I was given. Thank God I did not! I’ve grown to recognize and appreciate these communications as gifts from a loving God. God is always looking out for us, offering His protection and guidance in matters we may otherwise never see coming.

Written by Sandra Martyn

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 1” ….available HERE.

Snowy Drive With the Divine


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You are Soul, a spiritual being. You have the ability to directly receive guidance from God. You must first however, learn the “Language of the Divine.” With this loving guidance comes the peace and confidence that can get you through any challenge.


On the way home from work in mid February 2014 I received the news that my dad had passed away. Due to the impending major snowstorm the next day I needed to pack and get out of town as quickly as possible. I ended up leaving town just as the snow flurries began. According to the weather map and predictions once I got into West Virginia I would be out of the worst of the snow, as they were only expecting one to three inches. My plan was to get from Virginia through West Virginia and into Ohio, if possible, where it seemed to be all clear.

As I traveled west of Lexington, Virginia and towards the West Virginia border the snow was coming down quite heavily. Traffic slowed down to forty miles an hour. I got strong inner guidance from the Prophet to slow down and be safe… slow and steady. The snow came down thickly with the snow and ice staying on the interstate.

By the time I was getting close to Beckley, West Virginia, I was driving on snow and ice down to twenty-five miles an hour. Snow was piled everywhere, and it was cold enough that the salt was not melting the ice on the interstate. I talked with a state trooper about the road conditions and he said that although the toll road was not closed, he felt that it should be closed. He recommended I go back one exit and find a motel for the night. With that in mind, I worked my way slowly back to the interstate, and then got very strongly inside the knowingness that I needed to keep on going to Charleston, West Virginia, otherwise I would get stuck in Beckley. I listened and obeyed.

Next to no one was on the road as I wound my way through the mountainous passes in the midnight darkness, going no more than twenty five miles an hour. I felt the Presence of the Divine and knew I was completely in the Hands of God, and was being safely guided by the Prophet. I was totally fearless and had deep peace with an inner “oasis of tranquility.” It was an exquisite experience, being totally reliant on the guidance of the Divine, on the cutting edge of life with clear inner communication. In that moment of time there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I had everything I needed, resting in the Hands of God in that eternal moment of now. What a priceless gift and a template for everyday life, a guide for future situations.

Getting into Charleston around one hour past midnight it was still snowing. In the morning I sat down for my morning contemplation, a time of inner communication and connection with the Prophet and singing HU, a love song to God. After several minutes I received strong inner guidance to put on my clothes, pack the car, and leave immediately. For once I did not question or delay after doing “one more thing;” I just did it! And I am grateful for that inner guidance. Motel personnel told me that it was to continue snowing all day and that traffic was barely moving.

It ended up taking twenty-two hours on the road to my hometown in northern Indiana, and normally it takes eleven hours. I arrived safe and praising God. Since then I have often revisited that experience and savor the love, joy, and inner peace that I experienced being cradled and protected in the hands of God – while listening and being totally reliant on the impeccable guidance of the inner Prophet. He is always there beside me, in my heart, waiting for me to be receptive to the loving guidance and blessings.

Over the years I have learned that listening is much more than just hearing the Divine. I have had the tendency to hear guidance or see clues through night dreams and awake dreams, and then go ahead with what I wanted to do first – “just one more thing and then I respond…” I have found that responding in a timely manner to God’s timing is “really listening.” This experience has changed me at a very deep level.

Written by Jan Reid

A HU Sing Blessing – Relax!


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You have no choice in whether or not you affect the people around you. The choice you have is – in which way. Do you want to uplift the people in your life or pull them down?


Like many other times I have attended Nature Awareness School, I do not realize sometimes how uptight I am until I walk onto the property. What brought this into focus was when I attended the recent group HU Sing. The HU Sing was nothing short of amazing. A large group gathered to sing HU, an ancient name for God and a love song to God. Del mentioned before we began to sing HU to relax and let someone else “drive the bus” for a while. I did not realize at the time how that was going to apply to me directly. When I sing HU what usually occurs for me is a sense of peace and calmness which begins to permeate my whole being. But this time Divine Spirit not only showered me with peace during the HU, but also showed me how to relax and the benefits of being relaxed.

As we began to sing HU a blue orb surrounded by a golden yellow light filled the screen of my inner vision. After a few minutes of the inner light I became aware that my hands and arms were tensed up. I then remembered the words Del had said, “relax and let someone else drive the bus for a while.” As I consciously began to relax all my muscles a deeper peacefulness started to descend upon me. During the quiet time following the HU the peacefulness set the stage for Divine Spirit to get through to me in the form of a daydream. In this daydream I was shown a brick oven that was packed with combustibles ready to start a fire. But I could not get the fire going because air could not flow with the combustibles being packed so tight. I was directed by Divine Spirit to pull out some of the combustibles to loosen it up a bit and the fire took off into a roaring flame.

The daydream came into my thoughts so subtly that I almost disregarded it as restless mind chatter. Thanks to Divine Spirit I got a nudge to take another look at the daydream and what I got from this experience was that the more I relax, loosening up the combustibles, the more of God’s Love, the roaring flame, can flow through me. As I was contemplating relaxing and letting God’s Love flow, a thought popped into my head, there’s more. This daydream experience answered a prayer that I had the night before the HU sing. In my prayer the night before I asked God why my three-year-old son has not listened to me lately.

The answer to my prayer was to not to let changes in life, such as our family just having a second child, make me become uptight and impatient. That is what my son was picking up on, my tenseness and impatience. He was just responding to what I was dishing out. On the flip side, being shown by Divine Spirit how to relax and let God’s Love flow through me will have a corresponding effect on those around me.

Singing HU opens my heart to God and raises me up to perceive things that I would not normally be able to perceive. This HU experience/daydream that I was shown was a very personal experience for me with perfect timing by Diving Spirit. I am very grateful for the HU and Nature Awareness School. I now have a greater awareness of how to relax and let God’s Love flow.

Written by Sam Spitale

God Bless


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God has the ability to speak directly to your heart. Soul can hear these gentle whisperings and be inspired into acts that will ultimately bless you. The following is a touching example of this inspiration, love, and comfort from the Divine.


As a child I was going through a difficult time of change in my family life leaving me feeling insecure and uncertain of being loved, although I was. I had difficulty sleeping but did not want to wake my parents. To help me relax and fall asleep I would talk to God and Jesus. One particular day, I felt a stirring of inspiration in my heart to create something to hang above my bed. I gathered the supplies I felt was needed, a small wooden board, some rope, and a crayon. I was just learning how to write cursive and in doing my best I wrote these two words, “God Bless” and hung this over my bed. At the time I had not the slightest idea of how much this would transform my life. All I remember is the happiness and joy I experienced in creating it.

After hanging it on my wall a sense of peace and security entered my heart and I felt loved. Really loved. This was more than just a couple of words written, it was a prayer in my heart that was heard and answered by God. The “stirring of inspiration” I felt that day was God speaking to my heart. He inspired me to create this and although it appeared to be a simple wooden placard that hung on my wall, it was actually a way that God’s Love and His true security manifested in my life. It was a gift, a Divine blessing from God. That night and many nights that followed I rested in the presence of God feeling safe, secure, and loved.

In sharing this experience, I am once again filled with appreciation and love for Gods presence in my life. It is a true loving relationship that continues to grow over the years from the spiritual tools I have learned attending the Nature Awareness School. God knows the prayers of our hearts. Our dreams and His blessings can manifest in our lives in countless ways. Within each of these is a precious gift, Divine love, which never stops at drawing us closer home to the Heart of God.

Written by Shanna Canine


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I Saw My Mom When She Was Six Years Old


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The author of this story was blessed to travel back in time and experience a part of her mother’s childhood. Wow! Other than the obvious, “that is way cool,” three things really jump out to me. Dreams are real experiences in the greater worlds of God, love transcends time, and God reads the prayers of our heart. It is such a comfort to know this.

Excerpt from “Visit Loved Ones in Heaven”


I was taking a trip to Long Island. It was going to be a quick trip, just up and back within twenty-four hours. My mom passed away sixteen years ago and had grown up on Long Island, New York. I was only going to be there a few hours but it was really important for me to take the time to see some of her childhood. I really wanted to see the house she grew up in and also a bakery that she frequented as a child.

Two nights before I drove to New York I had a very real dream. It was one of those dreams where when you awake, for a moment you are not sure if it was a dream or if you were really there. I was really there. In the dream, I was with my siblings in New York trying to find the house my mom grew up in. As we were walking through the streets of New York, we passed through a wedding. The streets were filled with people in attendance. They were all singing HU, a love song to God, as part of the wedding ceremony. We enjoyed the wedding for a few moments and then continued on to find the bakery. As I walked in, I realized it was no longer there, it had been turned into a Starbucks. My mom came through the front door, she must have been six or seven years old. As she entered the scene slowed and began to transform back to how it would have appeared many years ago.

In this dream/experience, I was allowed to experience this part of her life with her. I was taken back in time and actually lived this moment with her. It was so very real, I could feel the shelves and cabinets, could smell the bakery, and could see and hear her childhood laughter and joy. When I woke up the next morning I was very emotional and still felt as though I was there. I could still feel the emotions that I felt as I lived this moment with her and I could still smell the bakery. It was such a real and wonderful experience.

When I arrived in New York I found the house she grew up in and then went to find the bakery. I was eating lunch in a restaurant on the street where the bakery was located. I asked the waitress where the bakery was so I could see it. She said it was no longer there. As I sat there and began to feel sad that I would not be able to see it, a girl walked in off the street with a Starbucks cup (there was a Starbucks across the street). I immediately was taken back to my experience in the bakery with my mother, right back to how I felt being there with her. What a wonderful gift the Divine had given me, I was allowed to actually live that moment with my mother when she was a young girl rather than just walking through a bakery fifty years later. This experience was such a gift to me and I am so grateful to God for this time with my mother. God knew it was in my heart to see a part of my mother’s childhood. The Divine not only helped me see part of her childhood, it allowed me to experience it with her.

Written by Emily Allred

Excerpt from “Visit Loved Ones in Heaven”

Best Christmas Present Ever


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Christmas is a time to celebrate the love God has for us. We are each known, guided home, and loved personally by God. This love can come to us in many ways. One of the most direct is to experience God’s Light in your inner vision or in the physical itself. The following is a beautiful example of the latter. What better Christmas gift than being comforted by the Divine.

Beam 2 xmas 2013

I was walking on the beach while visiting family on Long Island, New York, on Christmas Day, 2013. Although I was having a relatively good time and enjoying their company, there was a loneliness that I had been experiencing for a period of time. The ups and downs of everyday life, as well as having no significant other to share them with, had led to a low-grade melancholy that I think I was not even fully aware of.

It was late afternoon and the sunset was drawing near. I started to become aware of a distinctly different pattern in the sky, and in all my years of experiencing sunsets, I had never seen anything like it before. There was a beam of light in the sky coming directly down from the Heavens. This beam was golden and perfectly vertical, as if someone had literally carved it out of the clouds behind it. At the bottom the light fanned out and spread across the land and sea in great golden waves.

As I stood there and watched in awe it became more and more distinct. It did not change or dissipate. On the contrary, it was as if time stood still. Everything became very quiet. The amount of light seemed to stay the same even though it was dusk and night was falling. The colors and patterns in the sky were suspended. There was not a breath of wind. And although it was a very cold day, I ceased to be cold.

I stood enveloped in the pure peace and stillness of God’s Love, and as my spiritual guide Del has taught me over the years, one of the ways to recognize the presence of the Divine is in the form of a beam or column of light. I have experienced this beam of light many times in my inner spiritual experiences, so I had already been conditioned to recognize the gift when it manifested physically. I knew very well that I was having a full-blown experience with the Light of God.

There were many gifts and treasures that came along with, and remained in the afterglow of, this sacred experience with the Divine. And probably many more that I cannot even begin to fathom. The following day I continued to feel God’s Presence very strongly – and perhaps deeper than ever before; it was more a part of me and I more a part of it. That presence was in my consciousness at every turn. I experienced a great many things at once; a combination of gratitude, awareness, love, trust, balance, clarity, and very deep peace. It was as if I had literally received a download of Divine attributes.

As I prepared to write about this experience I found myself returning to it and reliving it on a deeper level. I had insights and awareness that I had not even been conscious of before. I realized I was not simply remembering or recalling something; I was re-experiencing something that is alive and fluid, and still available to nourish and uplift me at any time.

Perhaps one of the greatest pearls of this experience is how personal my relationship with the Divine is. God knew my heart was heavy, even more than I did, and personally gave me a gift of love, hand-delivered, on Christmas Day. He reminded me that when I am fully immersed in His Presence there is nothing else I need. Although I still have ups and downs in my life, I am forever changed from the experience. The bar has forever been raised on what is possible and attainable for me spiritually, and for any one of God’s children who has the genuine desire to connect with him.

Written by Laurence Elder

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Captain’s Chair


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God created us to live our lives from the higher dynamic viewpoint of Soul, not the lower rigid mental state. Until our mind is on board with this arrangement and takes a backseat to Soul, it will throw quite a fuss. No better is the difference between mind and Soul and the battle for top dog illustrated than in this testimony. 

Our family had just finished a delicious evening meal and was enjoying some quality time together in the living room. I had settled into my chair, put my feet up to relax after a day at work, and was enjoying watching our two-year-old daughter play. My wife and I began to share our day when our daughter got up from playing, came over, and told me to get up out of my chair.

I explained to her I was enjoying sitting in my chair. She then got very animated and put her hands under my legs trying her best to lift me out of my chair and said, “Up Daddy.” I firmly told her that this was my chair, and I was not moving. She then began to cry and throw a tantrum screaming “My chair Daddy.” My wife and I looked at each other with disbelief and a slight smile for this was an exceptional two-year-old moment, even for her, and not her normal behavior. I did not know why, but felt a strong urge to stay firm no matter what she did and stay sitting in my chair. I knew it was best for her. I proceeded to explain to her this was Daddy’s chair, but she could sit with me if she liked. She screamed louder, and the tears were running down both sides of her now-flushed red cheeks as she stood there crying and screaming over and over, “Get up Daddy, it is my chair, get up Daddy, it is my chair. Get up Daddy, it is my chair.” After about five minutes of this behavior there was no sign of letting up, so my wife took our daughter for a bath to calm her down.

This caught my attention for this was over the top behavior even for a two-year-old child. I was left with a sense of peace. I had a knowing that being firm in my attitude, that I was not going to get up no matter what, was best for all involved. Our daughter got her bath, calmed down, and we all went about our evening.

A few weeks later Prophet was helping me and a group of students understand more about our true nature as Soul. A smile came across my face as the memories of my daughter’s behavior a few weeks earlier came rushing into my consciousness. I was given the clarity to see how it tied into our conversation, and it reminded me of a spiritual truth that Del has taught me over the years. Soul belongs in charge of our mind and not the other way around. Soul belongs in the captain’s chair of our life. We are Soul, the spiritual adult in the relationship with the mind. It is much like the loving relationship between a parent and a child.

The mind, we call the “little-self,” is much like a two-year-old and was never designed to run our life. The mind is very limited and is the source of our frustrations, fears, anger, worries, self-doubts, vanity, attachments, and a variety of other ailments. It does not like change, gets overwhelmed, and is generally closed to ideas outside of itself. These are all traits of the mind but not of Soul. The mind is good at balancing our checkbooks and taking care of our daily tasks, but it is very limited when compared to the boundlessness of Soul.

Soul is creative, resilient, happy, peaceful, and cherishes freedom. It also has clarity, a can-do attitude, access to wisdom, and is generally open to new ideas. Soul has a higher spiritual consciousness than the mind, thus better equipped to run our lives. Soul is free to travel the Heavens, has a greater capacity to give and receive love, and Its potential for growth has no limits.

When we begin to be more spiritually nourished, Soul grows stronger in our life. We begin to make better choices and decisions that benefit us and those we love. Some of the things that help Soul grow stronger are singing HU, reading scriptures, paying attention to dreams, spending time with Prophet, and learning to recognize and be grateful for the blessings in life.

When Soul begins to get stronger the mind may start to protest. At first it feels threatened and does not want to give up sitting in the captain’s chair. The little-self has been used to being in charge of our life and has grown to like telling us how things should be. Initially the mind does not like the idea of Soul being in charge and will protest, yell, and scream, much like a two-year-old throwing tantrums to get its way. When Soul gains enough strength it takes charge of the mind and takes its rightful place in the captain’s chair of our life. This is what is best for us and what is best for our little-self.

Our true self, Soul, is designed by God to be in charge of the mind. Soul has a higher view of life, sees more clearly, and is receptive to God’s Love, truth, and guidance. As Soul we are more relaxed, peaceful, joyous, loving, wise, and creative. God actually created the mind to be subservient to Soul; an instrument to be used by Soul to achieve its purpose during its sojourn on planet Earth. This experience is a reminder to me that I want to live my life with Soul in charge of the little-self. That I want to nourish Soul daily and feed it the spiritual food it needs to grow stronger and stay strong, because this is my Divine nature — Soul. It is the true expression of myself as God created me.

Thank you Prophet for giving me this experience and for helping me manifest my Divine nature and the dreams of my heart.

Written by Mark Snodgrass

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5”

Simple as a Thank You Note


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Gratitude is truly the secret of love. It opens our heart, which makes us receptive to the many blessings of God that surround us daily. Expressing this gratitude in our lives takes it even a step further, and fortunately there is always something to be grateful for.

One of the most profound and enduring blessings from my spiritual teacher Del Hall has been his teaching and example on gratitude. I thought I knew what gratitude was and thought I was a grateful person, but I have learned there is so much more. “Gratitude is the secret of love,” and “Gratitude unexpressed is not gratitude,” are the words I have heard from him, but it has taken years for me to integrate this teaching into my daily life and into my heart.

So with that learning process continuing within me, I picked up the next chart in the clinic where I work and went in to see the patient. She told me she had moved here recently but considered Texas her home. Then we discovered we had attended the same university there, she graduating in 2002 and I in 1973. I asked if she had taken any courses outside her major while there, and she replied that yes, she had taken some world literature classes that she really liked. I told her that while my major was biochemistry, my favorite professor there was in the English department, and I mentioned his name. Her eyes lit up immediately, and she said that he was also her favorite teacher.

“Have you been back for a visit?” she then asked. I replied, “No, I had not.” She said that she went back a couple of years ago and saw the professor walking across campus but was too shy to approach him to say thank you. I told her she had inspired me to finally write a belated thank you from across the miles and decades that have passed since then, and I did just that. I ended my note with that phrase from Del, “Gratitude unexpressed is not gratitude.” I did not expect a response, but when it came my heart was filled with joy:

“Dear James, Your letter was very touching, and I am so happy you wrote it. I am getting close to retirement and sort of gathering my fondest memories. Teaching Ulysses back then is one of them — that first day, walking from my office to class, I kept thinking, if they only knew how much I don’t know. It gives me pause, too, makes me wonder if I thanked the two teachers in graduate school who meant the most to me…  And I never had the chance to thank the guy I had in high school who was the most influential because it took several years to realize the effect he caused.”

So with something as simple as a thank you note, the ripple effects from an expression of gratitude can reach out and touch Souls across boundaries of time and space. I had included a sentence at the end of my thank you note, “Thank you for giving us a lifelong love of literature.”  I know however, my real thank you goes to the Prophet of God for giving me the tools to open my heart to a real and living gratitude for the eternal teachings.

Occasionally we hear in casual conversation the phrase, “I would be eternally grateful if…” By the Grace and Love of God flowing through the Prophet, I am beginning to realize the true nature of eternal gratitude, helping me to live life daily with an attitude of gratitude. Thank you Prophet!

Written by James Kinder

God’s Light Gives Peace to a Troubled Heart


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Experiencing the Light of God can provide healing and comfort. Sadness, guilt, regrets, worry, and so on, can be washed away in Its presence. When bathed in the Light it also helps us to see clearly, including seeing ourselves and the actions that are holding us back. This combination of God’s Love, truth, and action on our part, can lift us out of the darkest hole.


Back in 2001, I was going through a difficult time. I was facing a lot of change all at once and was feeling overwhelmed with sadness and a bit of fear for my future. I was twenty-eight years old and had recently bought my first home with my partner of eight years. I worked from home at this time. A few months before we bought our house together I had gotten in some legal trouble. I was waiting for my court date to find out whether I could keep my driver’s license or not. This was causing me stress.

About eight months after we had bought our home, my partner and I broke up. This was largely due to my shortcomings, although in hindsight it was the best thing for both of us. We had gradually been growing apart but bought a home in the hopes that it would make our relationship stronger. It didn’t. Shortly after we broke up I lost my driver’s license for six months. In a very short period of time I went from a new home where I had my office, to no home, and no place to work, and no driver’s license. Not to mention the split with my partner. It was a difficult time in my life.

I moved out of the house into my younger brother’s home and rented a room there. This was humbling to say the least, yet I needed this lesson. I always knew that God was with me through this. Still I was sad and guilt ridden for my sense of failure. I had no spiritual tools but prayer, and it turns out, that is all I needed to get me through this time. I was not in any formal religion nor was I particularly “Godly.” However, I found out that even the “least of thy servants” can be comforted and shown God’s Grace during times of need.

I was sleepless for the third night in a row, and as I laid in my rented room and bed crying – I prayed to God. I prayed for comfort and to be able to rest. Just then, I felt a warm blanket of blue light come over me. The light was in my inner vision and it was very loving and peaceful. I fell asleep looking at this light and I woke up refreshed. The feeling of sadness and regret was replaced with hope and renewal. I took responsibility for my mistakes and took steps to rectify them.

I changed the way that I lived my life and soon after I found a spiritual path that was right for me. I really think that this time of change, even though difficult, was the turning point in my life for the better. It showed me that God cared about me enough to comfort me and now I wanted to do my part too.

Written by Tash Canine


Except from “Prophet Shares God’s Light”


NOW AVAILABLE “My Call To Spiritual Freedom”


Our newest book “My Call To Spiritual Freedom” is NOW AVAILABLE. This incredible story written by Nitasha Canine is full of spiritual wisdom that has the power to bless your life. Let her journey help you bring more love and freedom into your life by inspiring you to transcend the labels you (or society) have put on yourself. You are first and foremost Soul, a Divine child of God, and should not be put into any “box.”

The following is an excerpt from the book – enjoy!



It was the late 1970s and I was preparing for bed. The top bunk was mine and my younger brother Sky had the bottom bunk. Mom and Dad were in the room just beside ours. We all lived in a two-bedroom and one bath home in a country setting in Laurel, Maryland. Our room was dimly lit as we lay face up bolstered with pillows, each with something to engage our young minds. Sky’s book was all about dinosaurs and mine was a National Geographic Magazine on ocean life. I marveled at the various species of fish and wondered what it might be like to someday swim in the ocean. I was six years old, drifting off to sleep quite peacefully as I normally did while looking at pictures in a book or magazine. Soon I found myself in a light spiritual body with the exact same physical features I had as a young girl. My shoulder-length brown curly hair and round face were the same. My eyes were blue and my small lean arms and legs looked the same, but I shimmered as if encased in a suit made of light. I floated through the ceiling in my light body and exited my house through the roof. I was in a dreamlike state but also consciously aware of what was happening while my physical body slept in the top bunk of my single bed. As I floated around the perimeter of our home I could see our brick rambler was painted white, and the front porch light was on.

The purple-flowered wisteria bushes offered a pleasant fragrance about the property. Colorful flowers adorned the perimeter of our house. I noticed our very large catalpa tree in the backyard and several dogwood trees off to the side of our home as I slowly floated in my spiritual body. My father’s garden was vibrant with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and other summer vegetables. The air was warm and humid around me and there were no other homes for miles. We lived on a government-owned property consisting of over three hundred fenced acres, which was part of the work arrangement my father had. For Sky and me this was a childhood wonderland. There were ponds, creeks, gravel roads to bike on, and plenty of woods for building forts.

My father was part of a program designed to bring back endangered species. His specialized work was with whooping cranes, the tallest North American bird. This and the sandhill crane are the only two species of crane found in North America. One of the bird areas was close enough to our house that I could hear the distinct whooping sound each day and night. It was always in the background — one constant in my changing young life. Still in a dream state I was testing my ability to control my flying skills. I flew just above the grass as fast as I could. It felt as though the thought of going from where I was to where I wanted to go was all I needed in this light spiritual body to get me there. I would think, “I want to go really fast,” and I would be flying at exhilarating speeds. When I wanted to slow down I would think, “I want to slow down,” and it would be so.

I flew over the cranes, and the full moon and stars gave me enough light that I could see their white feathers and red heads. Most of the birds would go inside their enclosures to sleep, and some would stay outside and gracefully move about the night as if patrolling. It looked like a bird security system. When I was done exploring I would think of my cozy bed and slip in through the rooftop to float effortlessly back into my physical body. If I had any trouble getting back into my body I would think of my big toe and usually this focus was all it took, and I would wake up in my bed. This was a huge blessing in my life at the time, which I did not appreciate because it happened so frequently and naturally I did not think it would ever go away. I am not sure why the ability to travel spiritually left me but a couple years later it did. I missed the freedom greatly and throughout my life hoped to do this again…..



He Hears You – Do You Hear Him?


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Have you ever questioned, “Why doesn’t God answer me?” after you have called out to Him in prayer. Just because you did not hear a voice coming from the Heavens does not mean He has not answered you. Most likely the answer has been staring you in the face the whole time. God speaks to us in so many different ways; we just have to know how to listen. In this testimony the author shares three different examples of how God answered his prayers. With a little bit of effort on our part we too can recognize and accept many of the blessings God is offering us.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5” AVAILABLE HERE

That hot shower first thing in the morning is about as important to me as a cup of coffee is for most people to start the day. One morning as I slowly began to wake up with the shower spraying down on me, I noticed I was standing in a few inches of water. The drain could not keep up with the shower. I did not think it was a big deal because it had all drained out by the time I finished drying off. After a few weeks the water got deeper and my sacred shower had become much less enjoyable. The weekend came around and I picked up a plunger from the hardware store, hoping to quickly resolve my problem. After several hours of plunging mixed with a few minutes of cursing, I called it a day. That night as I showered before bed, it was like taking a bath and a shower at the same time. My shower was mocking me and I knew it.

With the failure of the day still fresh in my mind, I prayed for help regarding the matter and then drifted off to sleep. That night I was given a dream in which my brother-in-law came over to the house with a plunger. In the dream he showed me I needed two plungers to free up the clog in the drain. When I woke up the next morning I knew exactly what I needed to do. It wasn’t five minutes after I got back from the store with an extra plunger that I had recovered a few small, foam letters from the drain that my daughter had played with during her bath. Miraculously enough, the next time I took a shower the drain worked perfectly. Prayer answered. Her foam alphabet collection was back up to twenty-six letters, and my shower was fixed. Dreams are just one of the ways God can communicate with us, but there are so many more if we know where and how to look.

Recently I did a contemplation where I asked what I could do to be a better husband to my wife and father for my children. Essentially, I prayed for help to become better in those areas. There was no booming voice that came down from the Heavens giving me the secret answers. However, after some quiet time following my prayer I had a few specific ideas that came to me. Without getting lost in the details, I had a starting point. Prayer answered. But the Divine was not finished. Later in the afternoon I heard an interview with an author on the radio. The author had written on the very points I was given during my contemplation and had even offered a few more steps beyond what I already had. I took this as acknowledgment I was on the right track. Not only was my prayer continuing to be answered, but there were even more blessings to follow. That night as my wife and I were lying in bed, she shared an article she came across on the Internet. She was not aware of my prayer during contemplation earlier in the day but had managed to find an article on exactly what I was given first thing that morning. God heard my prayer and not only answered it, but helped to keep it alive and fresh throughout the day. In retrospect I cannot help but wonder if I would have missed these gifts from God had I not learned some of the many ways the Divine can communicate with us.

I have been dealing with a personal problem for many years that has affected work, relationships, and probably my personality to some degree or another. A short time back I was literally down on my knees asking God for help. “Help me figure out how to fix this.” I have probably uttered that prayer in some form before, but this time I was not asking God to fix it, I was asking for His help. The answer to that particular prayer came a few days later in the form of a flat tire. I was driving my kids to meet their stepdad so they could go back to his house. The three of us were singing Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice Ice Baby,” a favorite song we sing together. Somewhere between A1A and Beachfront Ave we heard a loud boom. It wasn’t my speakers. It came from the pothole that jumped out and grabbed my rear tire. I knew right away the tire was gone. I was able to pull the car into a church parking lot a few hundred yards up the road. It had been a long time since I had to change a flat, and I was not excited to have to change this one on a cold and windy day. I popped the trunk, grabbing the spare tire and all of the tools I had to change it, but found I was missing the lug nut wrench. Ultimately I had to call for a wrecker to help me change the tire. Obviously the first thought I had was that this is a lesson on being prepared. However, the reason this experience is such a big deal to me is because during the forty minutes or so I waited for the service truck to arrive I was able to see a parallel between the flat tire and the personal problem I have struggled to overcome for so many years, I needed professional help. I pretty much had everything I needed to keep the car on the road; I just needed help from a professional to change the tire.

I think we all have an innate knowing that when we call out to God He actually hears us. I imagine, though, that less of us can confidently say we know He answers our prayers. These are just three examples of the different ways you might be missing your answers. God loves us beyond our comprehension, and when we make Him part of our lives it opens the door to so much love and so many blessings.

Written by Brian Boucher