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Help With a Difficult Decision


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Life is full of tough decisions, especially when it comes to our beloved pets. It is truly a gift of love from God to receive the clarity we need to move forward confidently without worry or regret. To know we have gotten the message from God and are doing the right thing brings peace during these difficult times.

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The gravity of some choices can weigh heavily on a person’s heart, as this one did on mine. In the spring of 2016 our dog and cherished family member, Angel, suffered a sudden traumatic brain episode that left her unable to move or discern which end was up. Her excellent health and puppy-like vigor just prior to this episode weighed in favor of her likelihood for recovery. Proving this out would involve extensive tests, along with a one or two week stay in the hospital’s intensive care unit. During this time the doctor explained Angel would either show signs of a rebound and regain partial function or experience no improvement at all. The only other option was euthanasia.

One of the hardest choices an individual or family must face is an end-of-life decision for a beloved furry friend. Having had several dogs over the years, I had been charged with making such a decision more than once. I am not here to tell you it gets any easier. Stress often comes with the territory, but the emotional wear and tear can be lessened with help from the Divine. The decision before us was not one my husband and I took lightly. I was especially attached to Angel and loved her dearly. Her presence served as a daily reminder for me to pause and appreciate so many of the ways God’s Love was evident in my life. Hardly a day went by that this sweet soul in a little dog’s body did not make me smile, warm my heart, or help fill me with gratitude and love for God. The thought I may have already spent my last day with her made my heart ache with sadness. In my experience the presence of strong emotions can make it difficult to figure out what to do, or not do. I did not want to be led by my feelings or make a decision I might later look back on and wish I had done differently. Above all, I wanted what was best for this soul, if only I could gain clarity about what it was!

After the medical staff left us alone to ponder the options, my husband and I closed our eyes and reached out to God inwardly for His guidance through the sacred song of HU. Just as my lips moved to utter the prayer in my heart for clarity, the entire facility went dark, and for a moment the world around us fell utterly still and completely silent. Seconds later the lights came back on and the center was again bustling with activity. A staff member poked her head in to check on us, and from the look on her face it seemed she was a little surprised to find us in such a peaceful state, having just opened our eyes. God had heard our prayer and answered it in a form we could relate to instantly: “Lights out!” And with that, we both knew it was time to let our little friend go. We also knew, just as the light and life had resumed in the medical center that evening, so too would the light and life of this soul continue.

It was not easy to let Angel go, but the clarity and reassurance we received allowed us to proceed in this direction with confidence. Looking back, the peace that came from knowing our decision was Divinely guided allowed me to move on with a grateful heart and no regrets.

Written by Sandra Lane

A Child of God is Born


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Sometimes God pulls back a curtain allowing us to experience the spirituality of a situation. The following is a beautiful testimony of witnessing the sacredness of childbirth. It is at this moment that Soul enters the body and a new adventure begins.

Excerpt from “Prophet Shares God’s Light”

How grateful I am for my children, three gifts that God has bestowed upon my wife and I. What were once happy “additions” to the family are now integral parts that I would not want to imagine our lives without. Each of my children’s births was a precious and sacred moment, but it was the birth of my eldest child that gave me a glimpse into the Divinity that was clothed in each little bundle of joy.

The morning my oldest child was born, I stood in the delivery room experiencing all the nervousness and excitement of a first-time dad-to-be. My mind raced forwards and backwards as the moment crawled nearer and nearer.

Because I was at the front of the bed, ready to offer sips of water and cold washcloths to my wife, I could see everyone else in the room. Several people, including the doctor, head nurse, and various other nurses and assistants popped in and out. Time seemed to slow to a freeze and I watched, with this sort of detached viewpoint, a panorama of the other people there.

There was what I can only describe as a reverent anticipation bubbling up in the room. Everyone – it seemed like a lot more than the three or four individuals there – seemed riveted on this sacred moment. There was an overwhelming reverence for Soul permeating the air. A spark of God was about to don another body, take its knocks, learn its lessons, and continue on Its journey home to the Heart of God. I believe each person there, whether conscious of it or not, was recognizing Soul – the Divine spark about to be housed in a tiny little body – but also which lived in each other and in themselves. Each in his or her own way recognized that the source of this spark of life was God.

While my wife, the doctor, and several nurses prepared for the imminent birth, a young nursing assistant stood in the middle of the room unconsciously rocking back and forth, in a slow cadence to some distant rhythm only she could hear. She hugged herself instinctively, as if rocking an invisible baby in her arms. It was hard to say if she was imagining comforting the baby about to be born or herself. Maybe both.

When my son finally arrived, I moved into position to “catch” him. I witnessed a ball of glowing light so intense and brilliant it became hard to see anything else. I immediately recognized this Soul as someone I had loved dearly before. Watching Soul enter the body was breathtaking. The doctor and nurses helped guide his tiny body into my arms. I was holding him when he took his first breath in this body, before surrendering him to my wife’s welcoming embrace. The recognition between mother and son seemed apparent as well.

In my years at the Nature Awareness School, Del has repeatedly led me to experiences that have shown me there is so much more to us than just our bodies – much more than just the parts we can normally see. I believe I witnessed a glimpse of that in my son as he was being born, a glimpse into the Divine essence of our being which is born into this world to learn, to love, and to attempt to pick up the trail back to Its eternal Home.

Written by Chris Comfort

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Confident in My Decision


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Our mind and emotions are part of who we are in this world, but they are not the eternal spiritual side of us. Soul is, and it is Soul that has a direct line of communication with the inner Prophet. This relationship brings us the clarity to make decisions we can have peace with instead of decisions solely based on emotions.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5”

My sister and I live several hundred miles from one another and seldom have the opportunity to spend time together as we once did. As a gift for my forty-ninth birthday she invited me to travel as her guest on a trip out West — a trip that would involve meeting one another at a connecting airport before traveling to our final destination. As much as the thought of having this time together appealed to me, I did not want to jump into it blindly.

An aspect of my spiritual education at the Nature Awareness School has taught me the importance of maintaining balance in all areas of my life, and that doing so goes hand in hand with living an abundant life. Few things threaten our balance more than allowing our emotions to dictate our decisions. And while the mind is a useful tool, Soul, our true Self, resides above the influence of both logic and feelings. From Its higher viewpoint better decisions can be made.

In addition to considering the impact on my home life, work, health, and finances, I looked to the inner Prophet for help in the decision-making process. The help I had asked for came to me in the form of a dream. In it I found myself in a brightly lit airport on one of the inner spiritual Heavens. I had just gotten off a plane when to my surprise, I spotted my sister seated in a waiting area up ahead. I looked forward with joyful anticipation to surprising her as I approached. Her face came alive with a beautiful smile as she stood to greet me. Our meeting was a happy one. The peace and clarity I awoke with left me with a knowingness in my heart it was okay to go. The decision turned out to be a sound one, and the trip full of blessings for each of us.

I have learned the basis for sound decisions ultimately rests on whether we have peace in our heart. A true Prophet of God has the unique ability, through dreams, contemplation, and other forms of inner communication, to show us the truth in our own heart from the viewpoint of Soul.

Written by Sandra Lane

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5”

Mom’s Loveseat


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There are times when we are not fully aware of the hurts and angers we carry. Whether seen or unseen they can still affect us in many ways. Ultimately, they hold us back spiritually by reducing our ability to give and receive love to our fullest potential. When truth is shined on the hurt, healing can begin.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5”

I miss my mother. I am sure many, like me, continue to experience the emptiness and loss of a parent even after time passes and we ourselves grow older. My mother did not play a big part in my early childhood years. Most of my childhood memories are of outdoor adventures with my three older sisters as we explored the rural countryside with other neighborhood kids. I have very few early memories of my mother, and as a young child I was never really quite sure of her love. Demonstrating love for one another in our family was not something that was done. However, later in life as my mother and I grew older we developed a friendship based on love and a closeness that comes from being able to share with one another; oftentimes the only requirement was the other just listen. I miss our conversations.

This past spring, while attending a weeklong spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School, Prophet Del Hall suggested the class ask for inner guidance and clarity on anything that may be holding us back on our journey home to God. We were to do this before going to bed for the night. Early the following morning, as I lay quietly in bed barely awake, thoughts of my mother poured in. During this quiet morning time Prophet helped me recognize I was angry at my mother because of my childhood doubts of her love for me.

Prophet’s loving guidance showed me it was not that my mother did not love me as a child, it was that she herself carried scars from her childhood that prevented her from fully accepting and demonstrating love. This recognition was a blessed healing freeing me from the anger I carried and had not been fully aware of. In his Divine wisdom Prophet knew even a “little” anger was enough to hold me back from growing spiritually and continuing on my journey home to God.

I now cherish more than ever the love and friendship my mother and I developed in later years. As the weeks passed I recognized I had a prayer in my heart to tell her how much I love and miss her and to forgive her for those early childhood years. This prayer in my heart was answered on April 30, my mother’s birthday! One of my first thoughts upon awakening that morning was, “Happy Birthday Mom.” Later in the day I was drawn to sit in my mother’s loveseat, which I had acquired after her passing and now was in a spare bedroom of my house. Sitting in Prophet’s loving presence, I recalled all the cherished hours of loving conversations I had with my mother in her loveseat. The cherished conversations we had together in this “loveseat” are what had brought us closer together in friendship and love in our later years.

As I sat, I slowly became aware of my mother sitting beside me. I did not physically see her, but in that moment I definitely felt her loving presence. With joy in my heart and much emotion I talked to her. Sharing my feelings, I poured my heart out, crying and expressing to her how I missed her, loved her, and forgave her for those early childhood years. I asked her for forgiveness for the anger I had been carrying towards her. Peace descended on me as I sat in her “loveseat” and physically felt the weight of her arm come around my shoulders in a loving embrace. The prayer in my heart was answered!

By the Grace of God I am blessed by Prophet with this incredible, loving, healing experience.

Written by Donna Hospodar

“The Journey Home” is NOW AVAILABLE!


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One Day I walked into the kitchen where my mother was standing and said, “I want to go home.” She shook her head, confused. “What do you mean? You are home.” I repeated my solemn statement. “I want to go home.” I didn’t know what I meant any more than she did. All I knew was that the feeling had returned and was growing stronger — the feeling of emptiness, longing, and hunger. Something was calling to me. And the only words I could find to describe it were, I want to go Home.”

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Hidden Blessings


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Often we are not aware the Hand of God has reached into our lives to bless, guide, or protect us. When we do recognize these gifts of love our gratitude and appreciation grows, which opens our heart even further to God’s Love.

I was working on the computer the other week downloading files. As they were rather large files it took some time to download. In between keystrokes I began to contemplate on the miracles of God and God’s blessings. I was sitting there quietly with no agenda, just thinking on the magnificence of God’s Grace. Suddenly I received a tremendous download of love that touched my being in so many ways. A wonderful volume of love poured into me, a gift so precious. Thanking God’s Prophet for this wonderful gift I thought about all the blessings that I receive from God through God’s Prophet. Over the years I have come to discover everything in my life is a gift from God. Sitting there in the office I felt so much love, gratitude, and appreciation. My cup most certainly runneth over.

This started me thinking about the love and gratitude I have for all the gifts I recognize in my life. My family, home, friends, and the gift to see God’s Love manifest in my life in so many ways. My contemplation then shifted as a new thought entered my consciousness. I considered the gifts of love God brings to me that I do not recognize. Then I was reminded of an experience I had several weeks previously. I was working on a job out on the ocean near New England. The ocean weather in the winter can become quite rough and unpredictable. We could only work a few days at a time before a storm would blow through, requiring us to leave our work site and avoid the worst of the weather in a safe harbor. The hundred foot boat we were on was well maintained and the crew very professional. When the weather forecast called a “Small Craft Advisory” we knew to pay attention and run to shelter. This particular time a storm was developing so we moved the vessel to the harbor and set anchor. The wind kept increasing throughout the day and by nightfall we had sustained winds of fifty to sixty miles per hour and gusts over seventy miles per hour. We were still safe. The crew kept a steady watch on our situation and the weather. They had to reset the anchors several times as the wind would push the boat causing the anchors to drag on the bottom.

Going to bed I could feel the wind shifting the boat as it bobbed and rolled against the anchor and chain. Curling up in my sleeping bag I was warm and comfortable, grateful that it was so. I slept well that night. Awakening the next morning I greeted the crew in the galley. They proceeded to tell me that during the night they had recorded a wind speed of over one hundred and four miles per hour. I immediately saw the magnitude of this event, and felt like I had been part of a miracle. My heart turned to God to give thanks for the incredible protection and for keeping us all safe. To put this in perspective a Category One hurricane has sustained winds of at least seventy four miles per hour. Speeds as high as eighty nine miles per hour were recorded when Hurricane Sandy moved through the Garden State. Hurricane Katrina made its second landfall as a Category Three hurricane with sustained winds of one hundred and twenty miles per hour in Louisiana. The winds we experienced were not sustained and would not be considered a hurricane, but the number of things that could have happened to our little vessel boggles the imagination. Yet there we were, sipping coffee in the morning as if nothing happened. We were safe and secure as if we were being held in God’s Hand. The storm had passed and the morning sky was amazing.

Sitting in my office in front of the computer again safe and warm, I wondered about the countless times God protected me, kept me and my loved ones safe from harm, steered me in the right direction at just the right time, and put the right conditions in front of me to answer the prayers of my heart. All those times and I was not aware of any of it. I can, however, try my best to be more aware of and grateful for the blessings I do recognize, to be more aware of God’s Presence throughout the day, and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for God truly keeping me safe in the palm of His Hand.

Written by Paul Nelson

Reassurance Just When I Needed It


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One of the greatest blessings is when we receive clarity on a major decision we are trying to make. Spirit can use anything in our life to help deliver this clarity to us. It can also give us the courage to follow our heart and act on the guidance we receive.

It was a difficult decision to move on after twenty-two years in a relationship. For quite some time I had been on the fence about my decision and the indecision was wearing me out, along with the relationship itself. I did not have the energy and courage to follow through. The inner and outer guidance I was getting indicated it was time, or past time, to make the decision and move on. That got my attention, but distractions seemed to keep popping up to delay my taking action.

I decided it would be important for me to attend the May weekend spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School. Prophet provided very helpful clarity and input that weekend, thank you! Nearing the Virginia border on my drive back to Asheville, North Carolina, I thought I heard an alarm clock going off. I closed the car windows and the sound stopped. Well, a few minutes later this whole scenario repeated itself. Again, I closed the windows and the sound stopped. I tried to reach around in the car for where my alarm clock might be, but I could not find it. Normally my travel alarm clock would eventually stop beeping and stop for good. I knew it wasn’t the alarm clock because the sequence continued most all the way back to Asheville, and it seemed like a sign.

When I crossed over into Tennessee there was a huge sign saying, “Change is coming. Experience history in August.” I had strong inner guidance it would be important to begin getting my things in order. When I got home I had some serious talks with my significant other, although I did not yet have the courage to tell him I wanted to leave. I prayed for assistance from Prophet to find my inner strength and courage.

In June I was again at the school and developing inner strength and courage was one of the areas we focused on during the eight-day retreat. Around that time a movie had come out called “We Bought a Zoo,” and one of the pearls shared at the retreat was how the main character only needed twenty seconds of courage to take an important action, which he did, and it changed his life. During the last evening of the retreat our area of Virginia experienced a unique storm, a derecho. We stood outside watching the sky as it sounded like a freight train roaring up the side of the mountain, although the trees did not seem to be moving. The sky was spectacular and looked like a July 4th celebration. During this amazing storm I felt strength in the presence of the Prophet and found a depth of inner strength and courage I had not known before. I was finally at peace. I knew what I needed to do as Soul. It felt like the Divine had done most of the heavy lifting to give me the strength and courage to follow my heart, now I had to do my part!

When I returned home to North Carolina I continued to receive a lot of support and guidance on the outer and inner. A friend suggested I write a letter to my significant other to say what I would want to say, without giving it to him. This would help me focus on what I would want to say in person. I found the suggestion very helpful. In my heart I knew this suggestion, that came through my friend, was from the inner Prophet. As Soul I was getting a deep inner call to make this change, and if I did not heed it I felt I would start dying inside. It was important to me to make this change with love, rather than getting into blame and anger.

The following week while I was at work, I saw a U-Haul truck go by with a huge picture of an Indian woman on the side of it. I ran outside and saw the name of Sacajawea written on the side. This was an awake dream to me because I have a close affinity with that name. During the next few days I researched prices for a U-Haul truck rental to move to Virginia. By the end of the week I had the inner knowingness that it was time. Holding the hand of the inner Prophet I took a deep breath and received the first twenty seconds of courage, and then the next, and the next. I had a long talk and interaction with my significant other. I was able to share with him what I really wanted to convey from a place of love. He and I talked and talked, and cried together. That night was really tough, and I slept restlessly.

As I headed to work the next morning I had doubts as to whether I was making the right decision. I started singing HU, a love song to God, and asked for assistance from Prophet. Rounding the corner into the parking lot at work, lo and behold there was a U-Haul truck sitting smack dab in front of my office. And in big letters on the side it said “VIRGINIA.” It was the perfect reassurance I needed at that moment! God’s timing is always perfect, impeccable. Thank you dear God and Prophet for your reassurance, comfort, love, and guidance. I appreciate and love you.

Written by Jan Reid

Cathy’s Black Lab


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What a gift to see a loved one again after they have passed on from the physical. It matters not if human or animal because love is love. Either way it is a joyous reunion and special blessing.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 1.”  Available in print, eBook, and audio format.


For about thirteen years I had a pet black Labrador Retriever named Callie. I adopted her when she was six weeks old, and she was with me until she passed in 1998 of declining health and old age. I have no children, so she really was almost like a daughter to me. I loved her dearly and felt very sad for a long time after she died.

I am blessed to have had several dreams with her. In one of the dreams she was a puppy, and I was taking her for a ride in a basket that was attached to the handlebars of the bicycle I was riding. She was happy and healthy, and we were having so much fun together! In the dream, I could feel the wind blowing on me as I rode the bicycle. I could also feel the love I have for her and the love she has for me. It was a beautiful experience. I had a dream about Callie this year, many long years since she passed. In this dream she was a little older. We were having a happy, playful, loving time together. I was petting her and she was “dancing” around me, wagging her tail in delight.

These dreams, these gifts of love from the Divine, warmed my heart and brought back fond memories of our time together. The dreams are such a blessing to me. I know these dreams are real! Animals are soul too. The dreams about Callie reassured me that she is still alive and happy in the other worlds. The love we have for our loved ones, including our pets, and the love they have for us lives on after they have passed. I am deeply grateful to the Divine for these beautiful personal gifts of love.

Written by Cathy Sandman

Simply Profound


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God’s expresses His Love to His children daily in countless ways. No matter what shape or size God’s Love takes, there is nothing “small” about it. The recognition of God’s Love in your life brings a profound sense of peace and comfort.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4”

Several years ago an extended visit to Sedona, Arizona was suggested to me by my spiritual teacher Prophet Del Hall. This visit was to help me get through a particularly confusing and troubling time in my life. Del’s suggestion helped me through my confusion and literally saved and changed my life. It was a journey of love and self-discovery, filled with adventure, Divine experiences, and personal lessons of love; all orchestrated by the Prophet.

Arriving in Sedona my destination was a small cottage owned by a couple, Tom and Jean, who warmly welcomed me to my new home. During a friendly conversation several days after my arrival, Jean recommended an Italian Restaurant for dinner that evening. She heard the restaurant received excellent reviews, but she was unable to give specifics, just a name and general idea of its location. Around dinnertime that evening, lonely for home, family and friends I took a drive to explore the area and also look for the Italian restaurant Jean had suggested earlier that day. Singing HU, a love song to God as I drove, I asked the Prophet for help and guidance in finding the restaurant using the vague directions from Jean, but had no luck. Feeling discouraged I pulled into a parking lot to re-group. I looked up at the building I had parked in front of to discover I had parked directly in front of the Italian Restaurant I had been searching for!

Sitting in front of the restaurant crying tears of joy, an incredible peace enveloped me. Because of this personal and simple yet profound experience, I knew with absolutely no doubt the Prophet was there with me, responding with love by answering my prayer and guiding me to the restaurant.

For the duration of my stay in Sedona, away from my home, family, and friends, I never again experienced loneliness. The Prophet was with me and I was blessed everyday with his love and guidance. When I was in need of conversation the Prophet fulfilled that need, sending people my way to offer stimulating conversation. On two separate occasions these conversations lasted for over an hour and were beautiful, amazing conversations. When thoughts turned to my dogs at home; missing their loving companionship, the Prophet sent me a dog, a beautiful yellow lab to sit with me, silently offering love and companionship until his owners called him away. When I was in search of entertainment for the long evenings, Prophet guided me to a local thrift store where I found several excellent books that were on my list to read. These beautiful experiences are just a few of the many I was blessed with during my stay in Sedona.

These experiences could be labeled as mere coincidences, but I know better. The Prophet’s greatest gift to me during this confusing time in my life was these personal and simple, yet profound, experiences that are sacred and remain forever in my heart. They revealed to me how much the Prophet truly loves me, hears my prayers, and is with me always. So, the next time you find yourself labeling a personal and simple yet profound experience as mere “coincidence,” look deeper as I have, and know God’s Love is shining on you and is with you always.

Written by Donna Hospodar

My Spiritual Pantry


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Just as your physical body needs physical food, your true spiritual self, Soul, needs spiritual food. Without daily spiritual nourishment you will wither. Yes, you may be alive, but this does not mean you truly have life.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4”


It was the Sunday after Christmas 2015; I was drinking a delicious cup of coffee and just enjoying a day off from work. After doing some household chores I noticed I was very hungry. I was looking for something to eat and couldn’t find anything until I looked in my fridge. There I found leftovers from Christmas dinner at my daughter’s house that my son-in-law so kindly packed up for me to take home. I had forgotten they were there and quickly proceeded to fry up some of the ham to make the most awesome ham and egg “Dagwood” sandwich. Barely getting my mouth around the huge sandwich, I thought of how useless my food pantry is if the food is forgotten and not used. I could starve while having a fully stocked pantry of unused food.

This immediately reminded me of a major spiritual lesson I learned from Del, my spiritual teacher at the Nature Awareness School. Del talked about our spiritual pantry, comparing it to a food pantry. A spiritual pantry is full of spiritual tools available to use to stay spiritually nourished. Tools such as singing HU, a love song to God, reading of scriptures, our journals full of recorded dreams and class experiences, and more to be used for our daily “spiritual bread.” Soul needs nourishment just as the physical body needs food. As I was enjoying my sandwich I began to remember all the food dreams I have been given by Prophet to show me how I had been starving spiritually. That is when I made the connection about forgetting the food in the fridge, my food pantry, and how it parallels my lesson about my spiritual pantry. Using the tools in my spiritual pantry daily uplifts and raises the bar for all my physical life experiences. The main reason for this is that staying spiritually nourished helps us recognize God’s blessings in our life and the presence of Prophet who is always with us.

Jesus said it much better in the Bible after he had been fasting in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights: “And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:3-4 KJV This quote from the Bible shows us just how important spiritual nourishment is for us. If we stay nourished spiritually we can begin to enjoy the abundant life we were meant to live.

Written by Sam Spitale


Prayers of Our Heart


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God blesses us with the insights to live a life with less regret, but won’t force us to follow the guidance. It’s up to us to implement it and to do it in a timely manner. This story also shows how a loving God can provide another chance at a missed opportunity.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4”


My father’s health had been declining and within a short time period was failing rapidly. I had been in contact with him a few days prior and during that time his lucidness and comprehension of the current date and time were off. Also, he was not being an easy patient to take care of for his wife, my stepmom. My father had been challenged through life with some mental instability and depression. From my view his day-to-day life was filled with fear and worry. His first marriage to my mother was not filled with much peace or love that I could see. I did see that in his current marriage there was love and happiness, but due to his mental challenges those times were fleeting. Worry and fear were more constant companions, from my experience and observation. I feel true happiness and the experience of joy were never really known by him. I held a prayer in my heart from an early age that my father would have love in his life, and as I got older the prayer also included the wish for him to experience peace and joy.

I lived five hours away so the phone was our primary line of communication. I had a nudge one night to call, but it was late and I was tired so I decided to call the next day. I had been taught by my teacher, the Prophet, about the importance of following our nudges within the window of time we receive them because they are communication from the Divine. In this case I did not listen. When I called the next day and talked to my stepmom, I found out they had sedated him and were continuing to do so for his safety and comfort. He was now in hospice care, and I recognized I had most likely lost the opportunity to speak with him one last time. I wanted to tell him I loved him, and God loved him. I wanted to assure and comfort him about the transition of life he was going through, and tell him there was nothing to fear. In addition, I was holding a little guilt about the last conversation with him; I had not been as kind with him as I could have been and wanted to apologize.

I have been taught and know to be true, we are never alone; Prophet is always with us. After I got off the phone I immediately went to Prophet on the inner and apologized for not following my nudge to call the night before. I said a prayer of gratitude for his love and his care of my dad and stepmom as they were going through this challenge. I was singing HU, a love song to God, and immediately found myself spiritually in a room with my father who was resting comfortably in a bed and was fine. There were other Souls present, some I recognized as family members who had passed on and others I did not know, but their presence was comforting, and there was gentle light in the room.

My dad saw me and his face lit up; with me was Prophet, another spiritual teacher, and Jesus. He looked at me and said, “You know Jesus?” I said, “I did” and introduced Prophet and the other teacher to him. They greeted my dad and then left us to visit together. I had the opportunity to say the things I had wished to say and to hold his hand. After some time had passed it was time for me to go. I knew without a doubt my dad was being cared for and comforted, and we had our chance to say the things in our hearts. Even though his physical body was dying, he as Soul was alive and well. We were both gifted with the prayers in our hearts being answered. We both had one more opportunity to express love and caring to each other. What a huge gift to us both.

Within the week he passed on. Through the experience of my dad’s passing, I will testify that the transition of leaving one’s physical body when dying can be a comfortable and peaceful one. I was at a class at the Nature Awareness School when my dad passed. The night before his passing, in contemplation, I saw my dad in a wheelchair being pushed by Prophet and the other spiritual teacher. My dad had a warm blue blanket wrapped around him. He waved and smiled, and I could feel he was at peace and happy. The color blue and the blanket indicated to me Prophet was caring for him during this transition. The color blue is a color Prophet uses as an indication of his presence.

The next morning a friend at class shared she had a dream about a man in a wheelchair being wheeled onto a cruise ship, and she could hear his laughter. I knew that was my dad she saw, and he was being gifted with a joyful experience. You might wonder why she had that dream and not me. She is a dear friend and Prophet gave her the dream to validate my experiences in case I had any seeds of doubt. The Prophet is with all of us. He hears the prayers of our heart, and my prayer for my dad was for him to experience peace and joy. Through my relationship with Prophet and in singing HU, I have been gifted with multiple blessings. From these inner experiences I know that we are loved, cared for, and the prayers of our hearts are answered in God’s time. They are gifts of His Grace.

Written by Renée Walker

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Gratitude Transformed My Day


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If you feel your heart closing for any reason, making the conscious choice to take a moment, sing HU, and focus on gratitude can help open it back up. This is no small thing. Your day will be fundamentally different if your heart is open versus closed. God speaks to and delivers His blessings to an open heart.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4.”  AVAILABLE NOW


One recent morning I made a special effort to get out of the house early. I planned to stop at a large home improvement center on the way to work. I love to walk the long aisles of lumber and hardware, happily imagining all the things I could build with them. I see not just stacks of lumber, but future sheds and snug homes for my animals. I also see other projects to enrich the lives of my wife Diane and me. My intention that morning was to check out aluminum fascia and soffit for a project I had in mind. I had about fifteen minutes or so to spend in the store.

I was greeted by a friendly store employee who directed me to the aisle where he thought I would find the aluminum soffit and fascia. There I found the same products in vinyl but not aluminum. I spent about ten minutes fruitlessly searching for either the aluminum or someone else to help me. I was aware time was running out and felt some irritation creep in, it was about time to go on to work. On the way out I encountered the same helpful man who had originally sent me to the wrong location. He still wanted to help. Although skeptical, I decided to give it one more try. I followed him to another location where he thought we might find the aluminum. It was not there either, but we did encounter another employee who informed us the aluminum I sought was only available by special order. I thanked the first man who had twice tried to help me, wished him a good day, and left for work. I knew it would be tight, time-wise.

As I drove to work I was aware that I was a little irritated over the lost time. I did not want to arrive at the school where I work under the influence of irritation. I chose to sing HU, a love song to God, to improve my mood and perspective. I also played a CD of a large group of students singing HU at the Nature Awareness School. At the beginning of the CD Del Hall, God’s Prophet, suggests we think of something for which we are grateful. This would open our hearts to better express our love for God when singing HU. He reminds us “Gratitude is the secret of love.” Del has taught me to sing HU and practice gratitude. He has shown me to see and appreciate how these and other spiritual teachings transform lives. My life is richer and happier for it.

Hearing the physical voice of Prophet, God’s distributor of blessings and grace, triggered a wave of gratitude for the countless blessings in my life. Hearing HU opened my heart more and more as the song continued. Each remembered blessing was connected to still more blessings. I thought of my growing love and appreciation for Prophet. I savored the love of my family, friends, and pets. I was on my way to my new job. The job is literally an answer to a prayer to work in just that school. I gratefully considered the attitude of gratitude that sweetens my life. Gratitude transforms day, upon day, upon day; a result and gift from Del’s teachings. So Del’s seemingly simple, yet very profound, suggestion to think of something I was grateful for released a cascade of remembered blessings. My earlier irritation was gone. I felt a sense of joy and gratitude for the day I was about to experience. I could not wait to get to school and see the kids and teachers.

Blessings were everywhere I looked. As I drove I saw more clearly the beauty of nearby farms and distant mountains. I took notice of the horses and cows in the pastures and the mist on the hazy mountains. I actually arrived at school a few minutes early since I sailed through several intersections on green lights, something else to be grateful for. I gave further thanks for my relocation to Virginia. I arrived at work with a lighter step and a smile on my face. Gratitude made a profound difference in my interactions with others that day. Through the attitude of gratitude I experienced each moment as a gift to be savored. I saw each person I encountered as a fellow Soul on their own life adventure. A few moments of gratitude transformed my whole day. This ongoing gift of living with a sense of gratitude is changing my entire life. Gratitude allows me to see God’s blessings more clearly and for what they are, gifts from our loving Heavenly Father. I know I am blessed with a life of lasting abundance.

Written by Irv Kempf

Another Moment Together


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Many have longed for another moment with a loved one who has passed on. They look forward to the day when they are reunited in Heaven. Please know you can visit with your loved ones now in dreams and spiritual contemplations. These experiences are just as real; do not discount them.


On a beautiful summer morning during a weeklong class at the Nature Awareness School I was given a very short dream. During it my spiritual teacher, Del Hall, asked me, “Did you get to see your dad?” He was referring to the experiences we had during a HU Sing in class the night before. At that very moment I remembered seeing a glimpse of my dad towards the very end of the HU Sing that I had forgotten. I wrote it in my journal and thanked Prophet for this gift of remembrance.

Later that morning as I closed my eyes in appreciation, I wished my dad well. I knew Prophet’s presence was with me, and I could feel his love in a warm breeze. As I did my dad spiritually appeared right in front of me! I hugged him and felt his bony shoulder as I leaned my head on it. I miss him so much. My eyes watered as they are watering now, reliving this gift. Wow! I got to spend a few moments with my dad who passed away a few years back. God gave me this tailor-made experience through His chosen Prophet. Prophet loves me and knows me so well. You too can be blessed with such precious moments.

Written by Olga Boucher

More Freedom Less Worry


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When we are overly attached to the decisions our loved ones make it becomes harder to love them purely. They are a child of God first and as such they will never be on their own. Learning to love them in a relaxed peaceful way will help you savor the love connection.


It came as an unexpected surprise when my adult daughter decided to attend a HU Sing during her impromptu visit with us one weekend. Two weeks prior, before any of us were aware she’d be visiting, the Prophet — my spiritual teacher and inner guide — appeared to me in what I can now say was a prophetic dream. In this dream, he explained that my daughter had contacted him about an upcoming class, indicating in some way that she wanted to surprise me. It wasn’t long before she did! Two weeks later we were seated at a HU Sing together.

I feel fortunate to have been among those in attendance that day. Sharing the experience with my daughter made it that much more special. The moment I closed my eyes and began singing HU, I saw her as a baby securely cradled in the arms of the Divine. I recognized her as Soul—a beautiful, glowing bundle of Light and Sound. My heart overflowed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Different moments from her life began to play out after that, allowing me to experience each one from the perspective of knowing that the Presence of God has always been with her and always will be. A higher truth was evident: Although she is my daughter in this lifetime, she belongs to God and has always been in the loving arms of her Heavenly Father. The peace and trust I felt in this moment can hardly be put into words. Being totally in the moment, aware of the Presence of God, I experienced detachment from worldly concerns of every kind. Divine love filled my heart and I felt free; free to simply love.

Prophet took me on a personal journey into the higher worlds and it changed me. The experience was tailor made to bring me peace, trust, and a greater understanding of love, as it is in Heaven. Through this experience I was able to recognize my two grown children as adults, which has positively affected how I interact with them. I am less emotionally attached to their decisions and free of the expectations I once carried of being invited to weigh in on their decisions. I now have room to enjoy their presence and relate to them as treasured friends; precious Souls I am blessed to share this life with as we each make our way home to God.

It is a profound gift to savor the experiences of life together, unfettered by the emotional entanglements I once mistook for love. I am grateful to the Prophet for showing me a higher, purer way to love. One that allows me to care in a relaxed and peaceful way.

Written by Sandra Lane

Taking Care of Business


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When facing challenges in life we can handle them better if we surrender to the guidance and flow of Spirit. Prophet can lead us through anything. This doesn’t mean we don’t make the effort to prepare and plan; we still need to do our part. The greatest of which is being receptive to Divine guidance.


During some of the early years in which I attended retreats at the Nature Awareness School my teacher mentioned enjoying the song “Takin’ Care of Business,” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and we even listened to it during some of our class breaks. Although I remembered this song from when I was a teenager, it took on a whole new dimension in light of the spiritual training I was receiving. Not only is it fun, upbeat, and motivating, it also reminds me of how we are here to “take care of business” spiritually — to wake up to our true Divine nature, nurture our personal connection with God, and help others to discover their divinity. Over time this song has become part of my personal “awake dream” language. When I hear it, it opens my heart, reminds me of my spiritual priorities, and of my cherished relationship with my teacher Prophet Del Hall.

In the past year I have been blessed with a huge door opening in my life; after decades of being a freelance professional musician I am now teaching music at a college. It is both fun and exciting, yet extremely challenging. I find myself way out of my comfort zone much of the time, dancing on the precipice where preparation meets surrender. I have pondered on the fact, that some of the things I have been doing professionally for so many years are much more challenging to teach than I thought they might be.

Recently I sat in my car about fifteen minutes before my afternoon songwriting class began asking Prophet for help. Although I think I was doing a satisfactory and functional job delivering the material, there was a flow, or a “sweet spot” I just had not found yet. I was following a rigid outline and nervous to depart from it. I knew my students had way more potential than had been brought out, and so much more to share if they just felt a little more comfortable opening up. I knew there was more. I also knew there was nothing I could do to make that happen; I had to surrender. I sang HU for several minutes, helping me relax, let go of my mind chatter, and focused inwardly on spiritual guidance.

As I entered the classroom I felt a strong nudge from Prophet to put on the song “Takin’ Care of Business.” The guidance was just to put the song on, without introducing it or saying a word. After it was done playing, I began a discussion with the class. It turned out the song was a perfect segue into the outline I had already planned for the day. Instead of sticking to the outline however, I allowed the discussion to unfold in a much more spontaneous way. One by one the students shared on a deeper level than I had ever heard before, and I was talking less and listening more. I felt I was more in the role of a “facilitator,” which is something I have witnessed and aspired to from observing my teachers Del and Del IV facilitate their classes.

I am grateful for being given the experience of being a facilitator that day. By surrendering my personal agenda and going “off-script,” I was actually more in alignment with God’s script and in the flow of Spirit. And the prayer that was in my heart was answered: more important than covering my exact lesson plan that day was my desire that the students and I share an experience of openness and connection. The points in my outline that were important still got covered, but in a more seamless and inspired way than I could have ever planned or thought of on my own. God loves each of us and wants to help us take care of the everyday business of our lives, whatever that may be. Thank you Prophet for always knowing the best ways to help me “take care of business!”

Written by Laurence Elder

Dear Lord, Who Am I Really?


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God’s Love is All Around Us


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We are here on Earth to learn more about giving and receiving love. Of the two, more tend to struggle with receiving love rather than giving love. Fortunately, the Divine presents us with countless opportunities to practice, for if one desires to truly give love they must first be able to receive it. We cannot pass on what we do not have.


I attended a wonderful reunion recently. There I was blessed to experience God’s Love in a circumstance that was different than I would have imagined. Every moment can be an opportunity to give or receive love, no matter where we are – at church or at home, at work or at the store. Or in this example – cutting cheesecake.

It was a perfect mid-summer evening. I was standing around the table with my family and friends, enjoying the sweet laughter and familiar sounds of those I love while I was slicing the cheesecake for dessert. Suddenly, I began to feel weak and fainted. Two men stood at the table beside me and caught me as I began to fall. My husband watched me begin to faint and raced around the table to catch me before I hit the ground.

For those of you whom have fainted before, you can probably relate to the anxiety with which you come back into your body, unaware as to why people are looking down at you with such concern. Slowly I realized what had happened. With my husband at my side like a rock of solid love, I received a chair in which to rest until I gained back my strength. A friend who is a physician’s assistant began to ask me questions to decipher what had happened, but there seemed to be no logical explanation for it. It was an unexpected and random event which contained a hidden blessing.

As I was recovering in the chair, I became aware that God was opening a window for me. Through it, He was revealing a greater portion of His Love for me through my friends and family. I knew at that moment that He has that same love for each and every one of us, including you. More love than we could possibly imagine is all around us – all the time.

For the next ten minutes as I regained stability, I could feel God’s Love pouring into me. I could now see what had always been there. Gratitude streamed out of my heart. I am so blessed to love and be loved by my husband. His strength and devotion became even more apparent to me that night, shining forth through a turbulent moment. How sweet that was and still is!

Around the room stood other people in my life whom I love and who love me. Disguised as human love, I received a portion of God’s Love in each thought or prayer of well wishes and each compassionate look in their eyes. As a friend gave me a glass of water, it was God’s Love that was passed into my hand and heart. Each touch on the shoulder, each cold rag on my forehead did the same. They were all gifts of love from God, just in a different form – given from Soul to Soul. It was a very precious moment. To be loved is no little thing, but a huge gift from God that I cherish.

I also felt so protected. I had been in precarious places to faint earlier that day – at the edge of a creek, on a large rock in the woods, and alone in the bathroom. Yet I fainted at the precise moment in time where I could receive the most care. I could see the concern in my husband’s and friends’ eyes, understandably, but I knew that somehow this was part of God’s plan for me. Throughout the whole experience, I was blessed to be keenly aware of the Prophet of God’s presence with me. His presence gives me a comfort and security that transcends any physical experience. With him I was aware of a  sphere of soft golden and white light surrounding me and the entire room. Inwardly, the Prophet gave me reassurance that everything was fine, which helped me to relax and be present in the moment.

On this wonderful summer evening, I was given the opportunity to see and accept more of God’s Love. For years Del Hall has taught me and others to recognize God’s Hand, and His Love, in all areas of our lives. And in this moment of physical vulnerability, God’s message got through to me. I saw His Love in everything and everyone around me. Throughout my life I, like many others, have found it easier to give love than to receive it. This night was an opportunity to just accept it. Thank you Prophet for helping me to see and accept more of what has always been around me – God’s Love.

Written by Molly Comfort

Traveling the Speed of Light Before Dinner


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A dish to be washed, a bill to be paid, a bed to be made. In life there will always be something “urgent” which tries to take all of our attention. It requires a conscious choice to make time for what is truly “important” and nurture our relationship with the Divine.


Phew. It had been a long day. I had taught my three children in home school, and watched three infants/toddlers in my daycare. Needless to say it was a busy day, from snacks, to dishes, to diapers, to schoolwork. But now I had about fifteen minutes of time before the oven timer would sound, indicating that dinner was ready for my three hungry children and husband. The kids were quietly engaged in their own activities. How would I choose to spend my time? There were reminders of urgent things all over the house, the laundry, the sticky floor from a toddler spilling juice, dishes in the sink, phone calls to make and those dust bunnies that had been hiding under the couch for a week. We all have our lists right? Yet even though we take care of things, the lists never really end. The next day there are more dishes in the sink and the kids need a bath again. Oh, the joys of a busy and full life!

This evening though, I chose to put my relationship with the Divine before the urgent matters of the day. As I laid down onto my bed, I was so grateful for the quiet and began singing HU, a love song to God. As I sang, I could feel the weight of the day falling off of me. With each HU I relaxed more into the comfort of my bed. As I sang I saw the Prophet in my inner vision. Suddenly we were traveling at the speed of light. My whole day and my whole life remained on Earth as I traveled with him. Then, I became aware that we were beside a vast ocean. I experienced such freedom as I became a dolphin flying through the water. In and out of the water I dove, and I twirled in absolute freedom. Oh the joy of movement not bound by the limits of my physical body. Then a new scenery appeared. I felt a waterfall flowing over and through my body. Any remaining tiredness was cleansed from me. This was true relaxation. As I continued I heard a low humming sound in the distance. It was not a physical sound, but a spiritual one. It is hard to describe what it sounded like in words, but hearing it uplifted me. I felt even more rejuvenated. The Prophet spoke to me, giving me clarity and a solution to something that I had been working on.

The timer rang and it was time to continue on with my evening. I bounced out of bed, ready to face anything that the evening could bring. I was relaxed, rejuvenated, and uplifted by singing HU and choosing to put the Kingdom of Heaven first in my life, during that brief window right before dinner. Thank you Prophet for the wonderful and refreshing journey into Heaven!

Written by Molly Comfort